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  1. Hi all, been hanging around FOH for 6 months or so but haven't posted much. Enjoying what I've read and acquired, hope to be able to contribute more at some point.
  2. What is the date on the suspicious box? In a thread on vintage quality, several people were saying that in 2017 and 2018, Habanos had a hard time getting large leafs for super premium wrappers on SW, esplendido, etc. Could be that your box is legit but affected by this problem.
  3. My ideal routine each week is 4x mountain biking (~2500 feet per ride, about 100 mins.), 2x gym (The Big 3 + various arms, shoulder, core work), 1 day off. It's been hijacked by covid and some small children. I recently put together a serviceable home gym with equipment from Rogue, Sorinex, American barbell and some others. Cost a couple-few grand. The base is a monster lite squat/bench rack from Rogue -- very happy with the product and their customer service. But half the free world has had the same idea so all equipment is subject to long lead times. So my actual routine these days is 2x biking per week (~1500-1800 feet per ride), 2x lifting, 3 days rest. Brings a lot of peace, fresh air, and a mix of various kinds of work. I've had about 6 relatively serious injuries from mt biking in the past decade (starting to think the 10,000 hour theory is bogus because I am still not that good at this), and I need to play smarter odds. So all my biking is cross country and light all mountain, with the occasional road ride to mix it up or if the trails are muddy.
  4. If you assembled this on your own you'd pay far north of $300 US. Not to mention that you wouldn't have chosen as wisely. Our friends offered a great deal on this.
  5. Behold. This sampler is a work of art. Thanks FOH for putting this together.
  6. Connie B, coffee, spiced muffin, and a sunny NorCal fall day. This worked on all levels.
  7. Professor. Usually put down about 2 per night while writing or reading. Am scaling up my CC stock to about 15 boxes thanks to 24:24 on this awesome site. I have about 250 NC, had been NC-only until this year. Targeting a steady state stock of 500-600 sticks that's about 1/2 to 2/3 CC.

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