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  1. You have to put them in a glass of water inside your fridge mate
  2. Suggests it is a high fixed/low variable cost operation. Almost 2x tobacco -> 40% cost increase. The tobacco is not the predominant factor in cost, which yes is surprising. Thanks for the insight.
  3. Exactly -- R&J mf and Cola are very different, & there is no shortage of reasons to pay the premium for the latter. But $/g (or $/hr of smoking) puts a bound on it. Based on Bijan's calculation you can get ~2 Colas, or ~15 mf's. Are colas *that* much better? Maybe, but at least now you know the question you have to answer. It's also interesting for idle speculation about what HSA is doing. If $/g within marca is (or was) consistent, per NSX's observation, but some cigars within marca have much higher demand, how close can they be to profit maximization? Yes, they're communists, but communists also like more money more than less money. What I don't know is how the blend of one stick can be translated into another, or how much expertise it takes to roll various vitolas. E.g. I don't know how many Wide churchills you could make from the tobacco in a box of MF's, if any, and whether MF's can be rolled by less experienced rollers. If, for the sake of argument, it's 1:1, you could make 16.5 WC's from a box of 25 MF's. At prevailing prices/cigar that would fetch almost 50% more money.
  4. Any tables floating around that list price per gram (or price per cm^3 or in^3) for various cigars? I.e. a massive spreadsheet, with factory vitolas in the rows and marcas in the columns, and the entries are $/g or $/cm^3. Purpose: idle curiosity, and also to partially moneyball my cigar purchases. A bit of googling and searching this forum did not turn up anything so I thought I'd ask.
  5. A related issue: the most expensive 20% of your sticks comprise X% of your cigar expenditures. Guessing that for most of us, X < 80 but X > 20. So, not an 80/20 scenario, but still some other distribution in the pareto family. Could use sales data to estimate the parameter. Why yes I did write a statistics textbook, why do you ask?
  6. Totally agree with this. I snagged half a cab of PLPC on 24:24 a couple months ago, my first from this marca. I smoked one a few weeks after arrival, with some trepidation based on the folklore you note. It was fantastic -- caramel, toffee, toast, and a floral element, not a rough edge on it, better than the (very good) corona especiale I just smoked -- and I've since put down 6 more.
  7. Daily smoke 1/N: a corona especiale from this fine establishment
  8. Consistent 1. Partagas SD4 2. Short de Punch 3. CoRo HM: RASS Best value 1. Juan Lopez 1 2. PLPC 3. Partagas SD4 Best experience 1. Cohiba Esplendido (Ago 19) 2. Punch 898 (Ago 19) 3. HDM Hoyo de Rio Seco
  9. That is a great idea. Might work with the chocolate dust in BRC for the same reason.
  10. HU with coffee and a splash of milk is fantastic. They bring out the best in each other.
  11. My smoke at the moment is an Ashton VSG Churchill. It has kind of a leathery fuzz on the palate. My Lagavulin 16 does the same thing so I poured two fingers. They are better together. I often do Bourbon with NC's but this one works better with scotch.
  12. I did, had one with a buddy. Very nice, creamy and nutty - kind of roasted mixed nuts. Construction was good too, densely packed but perfect draw. My first box of LFDC but won't be my last. Mine are OCT 19, so I bet yours are ready to roll if they've had some down time since you got them.
  13. Ah I'm fairly sure I tried to get those, unsuccessfully. Hope it was great!
  14. That sounds like a great combo. I got a box of Esplendidos that has a black tea element, and almost a hint of eucalyptus. I should try it with an earl grey.
  15. Wondering if people have tried pairing specific drinks (esp. alcoholic) with specific marcas, and how successful it was. Most threads on cigar-drink pairings focus on finding 1-2 drinks that work well in general (seriously, OJ?). But, just as different marcas have different characters, they might match best with different spirits. Example: I recently had a BBF with a Lagavulin 16. Worked really well -- both have an earthy character. But I don't think the spirit would work as well with, say, a Cohiba. For that marca I'd lean toward a Lowland or Speyside -- more delicate citrus and honey. Japanese might also work. Another good pairing for me: Lusitania with Fortaleza reposado tequila. The pepper in each was a nice complement. What drinks have you found bring out the best in each marca?
  16. To posters who genuinely dislike a marca -- Did you used to like it? Did the dislike grow on you? I'm about 10 years into cigars but < 1 into CC's, and every! single! one! is magical in its own way. Can only dream of the day when I say, no thanks, I've had enough of how you get rosewater and cherries out of burned tobacco.
  17. How'd the cigar work with that whiskey? Love both the cigar and the drink but never paired them.
  18. The last one I received: The last one I paid for: Nice cracked wrapper on the first one, but was no worse for the wear with some wrapper glue and a punch cut Not my latest per se, but received last week and fairly stoked about it.
  19. Gonna be a 2 smoke night tonight. Taking recommendations between: Connie B, PSD4 (a personal favorite, and a great box), Short de punch, Padron natural 4000 churchill, Ashton heritage puro sol double corona, Fuente hemingway Classic...
  20. My latest NC... Ashton Heritage Puro Sol double corona. Fantastic -- toffee Nat Cicco 1965 Liga #4 toro. Also fantastic -- sweet wood and earth. I don't see these mentioned too often among CC smokers who dabble in NCs but would definitely recommend. Ashton VSG sorcerer -- just ok for me. I've loved these in the past. Maybe my taste is changing, maybe just a substandard batch. They are not bad per se, the main issue is they are just lacking in any predominant flavor at all. It's more like hot air.

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