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  1. Maybe I am reading this wrong, but it sounds like they are synching prices to Hong Kong. I have to believe we are already paying at least that price point. I think this cuts into resellers and online sellers margins (those who buy low and sell high) while leaving gray market retail very close to what we are already seeing. As you all have said there’s a limit to the price people will pay and we are already near or at that point collectively. Correct me if I’m wrong here
  2. I solved this problem by investing in a cigar shed. Wasn’t cheap but it has solved my winter cigar smoking problems and I’ve never been happier
  3. In no order I am going: trinidad esmerelda h Upmann sir Winston h Upmann Connie 2 Bolivar Libertardor partagas P2 trinidad Fundadores h Upmann Connie A Cohiba Esplendido partagas Lusitania Bolivar bellicoso finos
  4. I built mine in my shed so it’s detached from the house. I was able to put in an exhaust fan which has done the job quite well. Granted it’s only to not be engulfed while smoking, not looking for full blown smoke removal as to preserve the rest of the house.
  5. Happy birthday Di. Enjoy your day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Congrats DI. Enjoy the time. As an Italian myself if I know anything at all I know nonnas go crazy for their grandson. Should be a fantastic surprise.
  7. I think the common consensus is that Cuban tobacco isn’t aged prior to rolling it like non Cuban tobacco. Therefore it doesn’t really hit its perfect smoking age for a few years. Regarding the flavor the intensity and hot burn settles down a bit, the nuanced flavors come out more and the smoke becomes smoother on the aged cubans. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. But I thought socialism and Marxism were superior to capitalism?
  9. Prayers and condolences FOH family. Almost lost my father to covid last month. I know exactly how hard it is. Wishing you all the best.
  10. Smoking this BBF in my car with no drink or company. Had a day to myself to reflect on things as my bathroom is being renovated and I’m moving toward selling my house. Wife and kids are at the in-laws. Been a crazy month between work, holidays, and my fathers near death covid hospitalization that went in over a month. But for today he’s home and alive albeit still very weak and sick and I feel like just maybe things go well in 2021. On to the cigar. BBF is a great every day cigar. It doesn’t break the bank, it’s a solid hour smoke, it’s strong bodied and full of that classic bolivar flavor profile. I find it is very good young and I bet it only gets better with age. It doesn’t transition much and this one in particular has had a bit of a wonky burn with a tunnel and some relights required. Probably cause it’s like an august 2020 box that I only went to for this contest. Despite those Issues it’s still a great cigar. Classic Cuban twang. It builds in strength as I smoke towards the end. It has a unique flavor profile that has spices but isn’t spicy. It is strong though. I always struggle for the right adjective when I find myself at this point in a cigar. Like it’s great and I know what I’m tasting, just not really how to describe it. This cigar actually reminds me of what I am hoping 2021 actually is. It’s overall good. Started off decent and as it went along it kept getting better until I got to the end and thought to myself hey this is a pretty dam good cigar. One I recommend everyone to have in the humidor. The cost to return ratio is fantastic on these even if it’s not at the level as some of the premium stuff in the sampler. Overall 92/100. cheers to be a good 2021 all.
  11. Got a relatively warm day over this holiday break and broke out a CoRo. Everyone knows they are outstanding. Honey flavor throughout, medium body, perfect construction. Buttery smooth. Exactly what a $15-$20 Cuban Cohiba experience should be. This cigar is a 95/100 when it is on, which into the first third of this one it is. The cigar didn’t transition all that much as it continued, but that’s not a bad thing. The honey faded away and the strength and spice mix increased as it smoked down, but it was a lovely experience. Honestly just happy to be able to smoke outside for once it feels like years. I guess one additional note I should put here is that I am smoking this relatively young. I have heard these hit their stride between 2-5 years. I guess in theory it could get better and I’ll revisit this box in a year on here, but I’m not sure how much better a cigar can actually get.
  12. Enjoyed this in my only place of peace and quiet with temperatures warm enough to smoke in here in the northeast, my car. It’s become my sanctuary of sorts to escape kids and working from home and all the madness that comes with it. I paired it with a Red Bull and smoked by myself alone with my thoughts. First Third - just a fantastic cigar right out of the gate. It’s medium bodied, classic Trinidad smoothness, and peanuts. The retrohale tastes delicious. Getting some spices mixed in there with the classic Cuban twang. I’ve had a few Cubans where the second I tried the stick I knew I needed a box ASAP and this fits the bill. Second Third - still medium body. Cigar is perfectly constructed. I used the old twist off the pigtail method expecting the draw to be too tight. Turns out it was perfect. I guess every once in a while Cuban construction is on point. The cigar has transitioned a bit. Still medium body and still great. It’s a bit more spice a bit less smooth. Still getting a lot of peanut. The Cuban twang has relaxed a bit as well. Also getting a little sweetness possibly caramel. It is feint so hard to pinpoint. Final Third: picked up a tad in strength. Still a medium smoke tho. The sweetness picked up a bit and I am def tasting caramel and peanuts. Some spice with Trinidad smoothness. I truly enjoy this smoke it is outstanding. Overall this is a 94 point cigar for me. It’s not quite at the level of a Siglo VI or Sir Winston, but it is every bit as good as the CoRo and Esplendido. Different for sure, but at that level. If you have a chance to try one I highly recommend it. If you like the Reyes or Vigia you’ll like this. Similar flavor profile but better overall smoke. It is also a bigger smoke so it’s a solid hour to hour fifteen. Great cigar.
  13. Enjoying this with legendary cigar with a Stella Beer to celebrate the New Year. Right out of the gate it’s just stunning. Probably my favorite cigar overall if you take cost out of the equation. first third starts with that classic Cohiba honey note that to me seperates the great cohibas from the average one. The construction is top notch. Draw is flawless burn is even. second third is more of the same. Shocked the sweetness is still continuing. It typically is gone somewhere around the middle. The intensity is picking up. The smoke is just so smooth it’s almost buttery. final third it kicks up. The honey subsides but classic Cuban twang with some spice to it comes in. Amazing transition and really enjoying the change of pace. Finishing off the year with a bang, quite literally. overall this is a $40 cigar that actually tastes as I imagine a $40 cigar should. It’s a truly unique and amazing experience. Blows the other cohibas I have out of the water (CoRo, Esplendido, Sig III, Secretos, Medio Siglo). Amazing cigar and I’m very happy I selected it to close out this awful year. Happy new year everyone.
  14. So then why didn’t you post it 2 hours ago? And what exactly are you trying to say? The game wasn’t played at the time the nfl claimed and they for some reason aired it in Australia where they have less then 1% of their fan base first?
  15. The game has not been played yet but I can save you the suspense and tell you that the Vikings have won.
  16. So far for me the CoRo has been hit and miss. A few have been spectacular. A few have been average. Siglo III has been decent but not worth the money. The Esplendido and Siglo VI were truly special cigars and worth the money for an occasional treat. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. My suspicion is the communist government controls the means of production which is why the supply never meets the demand. The foreign investors control what vitolas to roll, marketing, and prices to maximize profits. Leads to basically what you say above. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. What is the consensus best Tatuaje? Pete Johnson is a client of my firm and I have an open request to ask for whatever I want to him for free. Was gonna pick the one that made cigar affictionado top cigars list but I know that’s basically a pay to play scheme. Figured if we are on the brand it’s as good a time as any to ask.
  19. Their healthcare is relatively good or at least that’s what I’ve read. Wouldn’t shock me if they lead the way in the region.
  20. Awesome story. A lot of luck in running right into him. A shame he didn’t join you, I’m sure he missed out on some great spirits and cigars. Nice fish as well. Is that a bluefin? Hard to tell from the pic. Crazy you can get them and still see land out there. I have to go 50-70 miles off the coast and even then it’s only a few months per year. allow me to return the favor and show you what a real fish looks like.
  21. One time in high school my friends and I couldn’t get to the store for the standard DutchMaster or Philly. So I decided to hit up my fathers humidor and grabbed an authentic Cuban Cohiba (no idea which one as I knew nothing about cigars back then). We cracked it, spilled the guts and rolled a gram of weed inside. It tasted way better then the regular blunts and it burned nearly an hour. Honestly if you don’t mind wasting a good cigar it’s very good. Little did I know at the time the cigar I used to roll was actually more expensive then the weed itself.
  22. Yes they must be very different between regions. I don’t think it’s the worms as much as the overall fishy taste in ours. Can’t say I know what a curry or stew is. Guessing either a local fish or another one where you aussies call it a separate name from us Americans. They are fun to catch though, as far as inshore fish go. My favorite are Tuna fish. They fight and run like mad. Strap on the belt to fight them and go to battle. I even eat fresh sushi right on the boat off the fish. So much fun.

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