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  1. I do love a BBF and Bolivars in general. I find the BBF to have everything I like about Bolivars but with all the dials cranked to 11. I have had a few singles though that tasted like necking a bottle of perfume. I remember an article I read about a 5th Avenue aging program in Cigar Journal saying that perfume flavour can be a sign of a cigar with a lot of age on it. So for me there must be a 'Goldilocks' zone which I have yet to define properly. (But I certainly won't mind further research to find it! )
  2. If you like Honduran tobacco, then anything by the Eiroa family (Eiroa Classic, CLE or Aladino) might be in your wheel-house? Some nice classic Corojo flavours with some (for NC) subtle blending.
  3. I'm not sure about the wrapper colour of those Flor de Canine turds. Looks like they are made out of particle board.
  4. You're not the first person online I heard say that. Usually they say that Vegueros can have similar grassy/hay note to Siglos. I think if you can get them at a good price, they are perfectly decent mid-level cigars. Perfect for a quick afternoon smoke with a cheeky drink when you don't fancy burning anything too expensive. Downside is they can be very 'green' when young. A few years will go a long way with them.
  5. As the old English saying goes: "You should try everything once, except incest and country dancing" I would now like to add drinks with dismembered toes to that list.
  6. Mine would be similar - Going out without any kind of communication device. Just you and the real world. No internet, social media or constant soundtrack of infinitely programmable music. (if you were luck you might have enough battery life for your Walkman to play a few songs) If you wanted to speak to a mate you would have to walk to their house and knock on the door. If you bumped into people on the bus/train you might have to interact with them as though they were a real person rather than retreat into your digital bubble.
  7. Mother's day this Sunday in the UK. Will cook a decent dinner for her as she can't get out and about these days. Other than that, I had a nice bottle of single malt turn up in the post today and some cigars show up yesterday (a box of L'atelier) so I'm tempted to slob about at home indulging myself with my new acquisitions.
  8. Given the Gurkha review in a recent Kenfessions, you could call it 'Friends of Hansotia' (the founder of Gurkha cigars)
  9. I'm not too sure about the exact size change, but anything to make an Upmann Half Carona bigger/last longer (ooh,er missus) would be a big plus for me.
  10. A link to the vid for anyone interested.
  11. I started a new job this week and fancied a little last minute treat to enjoy over the weekend, so I ordered a few singles (full UK retail price ) So my weekend line up is: Bolivar Royal Corona. A personal favourite of mine. When they are good, they are sublime. Upmann Connie 2. I've never had a Connie, so thought I'd give it a try. Although I believe most folks here prefer the no.1? Hoyo Epicure Especial. Inspired by the recent Hoyo EE thread. Juan Lopez 2. A cigar I feel is often overlooked by casual cigar smokers. It's one of those cigars that if someone says they love them, my estimation of their cigar knowledge and palate goes up a few points.
  12. A nice and fairly consistent cigar. A really good one tastes like eating whipped cream with a spoon made of cedar. (At least it does for me)
  13. Nothing spectacular. Cigars, Single Malt, Hockey and UFC. I've taken a liking to the Plasencia Cosecha 149's that have recently turned up in the UK. All Honduran tobacco IIRC. After drinking Bourbon for ages, I recently tried some un-peated single malt and have another bottle in the post, so have just started another expensive journey into high end booze. I've been watching Ralfydotcom's reviews for some ideas and just getting myself orientated in what seems like a bit of a minefield of marketing vs quality products. After getting absolutely reamed mid-week, the Leafs are playing Saturday, so hopefully they can have a better showing this Saturday. And since I'll be up after 2am after hockey (time zones) I might as well watch the UFC as it's not too bad a card.
  14. I'm not the most handy/practical sort of guy in the world, but I wouldn't mind a go at pipe restoration. I enjoy smoking pipes and have seen some lovely examples of people taking abused/forgotten pipes and breathing a new lease of life into them with a bit of 'elbow grease' and know-how.

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