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  1. As of right now, unfortunately I am not planning on doing another run. But if I am able to, I will let you both know right away!
  2. @nino It looks absolutely fantastic! I am glad you are getting to enjoy it! ? The weather looks nice and the company looks nicer ?
  3. Fantastic review! I love the descriptions and the pictures, felt like i was enjoying it with you!
  4. @DoctorOctagon I just smiled big after reading this comment! Thank you so much for the post, it definitely made my day! ? Very glad you are getting as much use out of them as I am. I don’t take my hat off very often, I’ve been showing it plenty of love ?
  5. ? I would definitely take that as a WIN! Glad you both enjoy it! My wife stole my first shirt, so I ordered another one on the last round of orders for myself! No problem! Enjoy ?
  6. Happy 50th @X-Man! What a wonderful gift and an excellent way to celebrate! ?
  7. Great review, thank you for participating and I loved the pictures! ?
  8. Great review, looks like we all went with the V-cut! I have the same Xikar in Gunmetal and love it!
  9. Unfortunately I am not sure which factory it is, but what an incredible box!
  10. This cigar was the first from a PSP box that I was lucky enough to snag on 24:24 awhile ago and boy do they look and smell absolutely incredible! It has been difficult to keep my mitts off of them, so I can’t wait to dive into this cigar! Pre Lighting Notes Aroma/Appearance: Very smooth and soft stick. There is plenty of oil on this wrapper that makes me smile. There is an aroma of sweet spices that I can’t quite put words to. When compressing the cigar, there is a perfect crinkle. Music to my ears. There is more sweetness and cedar on the foot. Cold Draw: The draw resistance is perfect, not that I was surprised with such a stunning example of this cigar. The flavor here is of cinnamon graham cracker. 1st Third With the first draw I am hit with pleasant spiced tobacco notes. As the cigar opens up, the spice is still dominating the flavor, but a sweetened cedar note lingers draw after draw. After I retrohale I am hit with some more pepper, which rings out in true Partagas fashion. There is definitely some cinnamon now, keeps me licking my lips in-between puffs. Overall this cigar is starting off very smooth, just like I remembered falling in love with. The ash is nice and tidy white. The burn is nearly perfect with no touch-up. As the first third comes to an end, I look around at the beautiful lake scenery and smile. Although it has been quite challenging these past months, I find that our hobby allows for a great ritual of introspection and gratitude that has kept me smiling through it all. Rating: 14/15 2nd Third There isn’t much of a clear transition, although I am starting to pick up some added espresso and coffee beans now and then. The cigar isn’t showing any bitterness, just wonderful spiced and toasted tobacco with a cedar sweetness. Very enjoyable smoke! There are notes of the classic Cuban twang that makes me come back for more. An earthiness and nutmeg start to develop. The draw has continued to be consistently great. Lastly, I end with some dark chocolate on the tongue and I find myself closing my eyes often to let the flavors run wild. Rating: 13/15 Final Third The transition here has been more muted, but the cinnamon spice is back out and dominating. The coffee beans are becoming more apparent with a touch of cedar joining in. Now and again I get a light sweetness that mixes with the spiciness like caramel has melted in my mouth. The aroma has been intoxicating throughout the entire experience. The flavors developed into something so pleasant that I found myself smoking it down to my smallest nub yet! I wish my phone didn’t die and I could’ve taken a picture of the final nub… Rating: 14/15 Construction The cigar never needed relighting. The ash fell gently at about an inch and a half each time, with minimal effort. The draw on this stogie was spot on, just the slightest amount of resistance, allowing for a perfectly cool smoke production. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience there. Rating: 5/5 Conclusion 46/50 = 92% There isn’t much about this cigar that I didn’t like and this is why I voted it in my top 5 for the study! The PSD4 has become a staple in my collection for its’ unique blend flavor profile. In my opinion, it isn’t replicated in any other marca, it has this particular spiciness, woodiness, and sweetness that I can only attribute to Partagas. I don’t think I could live without this taste in my humidor. A special nectar from the heavens! Bravo, bravo, BRAVO! ? I want to thank @JohnS and @MoeFOH for helping me with putting together this study, as well as all of the members that participated! It has been a wonderful experience and I will be looking to do more studies like this in the future, so keep an eye out! ? Thank you my fellow FOHers!
  11. @MoeFOH Thank you so much for putting this together! I am so glad that other members have been enjoying this as much as I have!
  12. Absolutely! I am glad everyone is happy with their shirts and hats! I wanted to be able to provide the same bonus as last order and we were able to swing enough order to do it. Cheers gentlemen, enjoy! ?
  13. This has been my daily wear since my wife bought it for me as a wedding gift (she is definitely a keeper, even got me my new humidor setup for my most recent birthday). The Speedmaster Professional AKA “The Moon Watch” has been a long time favorite of mine and this watch will always have a special place in my heart. Obviously my wedding was greatest of all memories with this timepiece, but it has been with me through many cherished memories and many more to come! ? Definitely planning on passing this one down. Also, the Hoyo de Monterrey was spot on!

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