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  1. We have many cigar lounge options available here, and each have similar ambiances, but, there are subtle differences that makes some prefer one over another. Just curious as to your guys/gals' experiences and if none of the lounges provide you the same satisfaction of simply having a stick at home, with or without friends.
  2. I agree. Just got a box myself, first time. Lovely bands
  3. I’m fairly new here (bought some years ago and am back buying more often from 24:24). Does FOH have a brick and mortar retail shop to visit or is it purely internet based? I always read the Pipeline supply thread and the responses appear to be strictly when the product in question will appear in 24:24 listings. Is that where most of what’s received in the master cases is sold? Another way of phrasing is: is what you guys’ receive first offered on 24:24 and what remains goes to the online store pages? How do your orders from PPC work? Do you request anything and everything, do you just receive what you can? Excuse my ignorance
  4. Reminds me of the golf joke of shooting a higher score gives you a better bang for you buck. Tighter the draw, more puffs, slower burn, great value. With that said, I prefer a smoke like I'd prefer to golf, a little resistance that allows you to slow down and enjoy the beauty but not enough to worry about.
  5. It looked pretty damn good... They went a fair distance on the box, but lost all ambition on the warranty seal: The main serial number comes back as Behike’s lol, the micro-printed ones return as Monte No. 2’s. I think my buddy learned his lesson haha!
  6. Not sure why the post was moved here. It’s obviously fake, posted for the amusement of the main board.
  7. I was very surprised when I opened them up. The photo has been slightly enhanced (emphasis on slightly), but only to accurately show the sheen and depth of the wrappers. The second/middle picture had the most “true” lighting. Bring them out to the sun and you’ll see that first picture. This is my first box of RyJ Churchill’s so idk if this is the norm for them to be as oily as they are, but they’re right up there with PSP of different sticks I’ve received.
  8. In case you were thinking of ordering the RyJ Churchill’s on this weekend’s 24:24, my order just arrived from the last go around. Same box code, GEL DIC19 and clearance priced.
  9. Classic video. One of the guys in a group I used to smoke with had to smoke in the far corner of his backyard and, when finished, immediately deposit his clothes in the laundry room. “Happy wife, happy life..”?
  10. Couldn’t wait any longer. Late 2018 box but have never had a Siglo II so... Update on tonight’s Siglo II: amazing. What a beautiful cigar. You could tell it would improve a bit with some age, but knocked it out of the park even as young as it is. GREAT flavor, absolutely perfect construction - zero negatives, only potential. I could not get enough of this,
  11. @MasterYotti I missed the first boat and was so happy to see this open up again. Just now ordered two. The hat is a cherry on top, didn't realize that was a thing until I scrolled back a few pages. Thank you for your work
  12. Thanks for the review. I received a box last week from Nov 18 that needs to sit a while from its travels. I have yet to try a Siglo II and this review has got me even more anxious!

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