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  1. Siglo 1 from our host. Great update New York weather
  2. As a three year cigar smoker I’ve noticed some trends in what I smoke. Nicaraguan - black cherry, what I associate with old leather and a strong coffee. Sometimes a catchers mitt taste or ashtray. My father, Olivia, tatuaje. Dominican - wood (cedar?) sweetness and here and there a berry or gum. Also paper shavings. Fuente or Davidoff. Top for me would be Fuente Cuban corona, Fuente chateau natural. The Nicaraguans I also need a brandy or something to smooth them out.
  3. You make an excellent point. Most of the wfh stories I see are about tech or investment companies that have either invested large amounts of capital in employees or more than likely have very talented employees, that can easily find employment else where. My co workers daughter just doubled her income and can work remote wherever she wants. Computer science.
  4. Well prez you have a dilemma on your hands not just one that tastes like a 46 or 50 maybe a 54 but a handful of all those.
  5. I can’t quote all the funny stuff in this thread. I have done Edward 40 hands thank goodness I deleted my Facebook long ago. One of my good friends spent a night in county on his bday bc of the original 4 locos. We got two cases for him right when they got discontinued. Good times and good thing those days are over.

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