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  1. Here's a weird one. Lost sense of smell for poop 🤣. Regular sense of smell and taste came back in one month. For about 5 months I could walk into a completely blown up bathroom and it wouldn't matter. haha. Viewed it as a win honestly. Other than that all is well and normal. Cigars all taste great.
  2. Don’t worry big govt is here to help you! After all these are just common sense reforms. Everyone should be on board with this! Seriously, who actually needs 150 MG of nicotine!?😉 In all honesty it seems the majority of individuals view rights as singular entities, picking and choosing which they agree with. Happily giving away some while stomping their feet at others. Recent events should show that if you allow the govt to get their foot in the door, they are kicking it in. I live by “not an inch.”
  3. I buy the hell out of them. Delicious little smoke that will last about 50 min to an hour if you take your time. Good value here.
  4. You described Warped for me there. Inconsistency. I had many cigars that I thought were awesome. Bought some more a year later and was left questioning if I had any idea how to taste a cigar. Then I saw many people saying the same thing and confirmed it was not just me.
  5. Addressing enjoyment of cigars in the current climate is two pronged for me. One part of me realizes that I have 8 years of stock if I am careful and I should live in the moment and enjoy my smokes. Then there is the other side that has always enjoyed reading about new (to me) brands and vitolas that I haven't tried yet and getting excited about the new crops and vintages etc. All that is gone. Why read a review on a Cohiba or Trinidad anything? I'll never smoke one. Even something like the humble D4. Unless something drastic changes I will never buy another box again. I have what I have and once its gone its gone. That to me is very depressing and I cant help but think about it every time I light one. There are many brands and vitolas that I never got to and likely never will at this point. And there will be no excitement of landing my first box on 24:24 and waiting for its arrival and the first time ever lighting one up. All that kid on Christmas feeling is gone. So my whole enjoyment of reading and learning about brands, reviews and any future industry news has been effectively taken from me. I am brining some NC stock back into my CC rotation but it sucks because I simply do not enjoy the majority of them anymore, so I often feel like I am smoking something just to smoke. Its overall a depressing time. I am pretty much at HUHC only budget at this point while trying to stretch my larger format collection. As a few mentioned above I am hoping to develop more appreciation for the smokes I do have and enjoy every single second.
  6. When on the fresher side chocolate for sure! That seemed to escape this one. Again, it was pretty tight and I think that hurt the flavors here a lot. But sadly many seem to be very tight. I guess I will try dry boxing these
  7. Continuing on this weeks aged NC cigar train is a 2015 Verocu from Tatuaje. these are often tighter rolled than Cuban petites and this one is no different. Tight draw offers restrained smoke. What is coming through is a medium pepper blast with a touch of sour wood. A little offensive honestly. Smoke continues to be tight and flavors remain much unchanged. This one never really takes off in any direction and I think it’s mostly the draw. This is common with this box for me and surprising given the 64% humidity storage and age. I won’t sit here and say NC tobacco doesn’t age well, but I have yet to see an example of it. My Cubans with 10 years just get more mild and smoother but retain the same character. My experience with nearly all ages NC results in a sour wood and a total change of character. Again, just my experience thus far. I have another few hundred aged sticks to try from various makers. 85 pts.
  8. Warped GR88 for (CSSRW). Believe this one to be around 2018.
  9. A fair amount of discussion about warped cigars here recently so I wanted to pull one out. I am of the camp that believes warped has gone downhill. I do think Kyle is talented but the hyped limited releases and Aganorsa trying to take the market by storm has led to issues imo. Cigar is perfectly constructed, no doubt about it. Cigar starts off bland. Like woodiness and grass, touch of pepper medium body. Cigar chugs along doing the same. No real evolution. Burn is however perfect so that’s good. Seems like age has really knocked the strength down in this one. Final third seems a slight jump in pepper but this is a one trick pony. I wish I burned through these fresh as I recall liking them originally but now it’s just dull. I’ll confirm with another in a month. 83 pts.
  10. Good idea. I’ll get to some more samples over the next month
  11. Good to know yet concerning you had a similar experience! Sad pet is I probably have 20 more Opux X in different vitolas. Maybe a cigar to look into selling..

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