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  1. The St Regis allows you to smoke outdoors at one of the bars. Nice heaters on the patio. If you’re north of the city, Cutters in Alpharetta is ok
  2. Got a nice haul today. Some stunning looking Lusis and a box of Famosos from 2015. A couple of feet on the BBF got knocked around, but nothing a little flame can’t fix
  3. 1. ERdM Tainos 2. QdO Claros 3. JL2 4. Connie 2 5. Mag 46
  4. We’ve been to lunch. Refined taste is a stretch
  5. I'll echo this. 90 days is what I've found to really make a difference
  6. It's brutal for pipe tobacco. $49 a pound is almost a 100% tax on most bulk blends. Really a shame
  7. One that flies under the radar a bit that has been exceptional for be in the Saint Luis Rey Regios. I have a box from Sep 20 that is already smoking exceptionally well
  8. It was a straight cut but tight draw so ended up cutting off a bit more to open it up. Is there a problem with the way I did it?

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