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  1. Starting Empire of Gold now... I must commend Chataborski for such punctual publication... Now, if only Scott Lynch would finish off the next Gentleman Bastard book I might be able to close out 2020 feeling surprisingly contented (so far as fantasy fiction goes, anyway)
  2. I suppose you could also light a cigar with a traditional Roman oil lamp if you wanted to ? might be a little sooty though
  3. Oddly I found three of these lurking in deep in my loosies box. I can't remember who sent them to me but it must have been at least 2.5 years ago.
  4. but they have the 'garantia de calidad' sticker... The quality is guaranteed
  5. The specific atmospheric conditions in your area can obviously affect your smoking experience. I think it's something you have to experiment with until you hit the sweet spot. I will say this though--a lot of people seem to find that keeping their cigars (especially Cubans) at lower RH produces more even burn and better draw. This seems like it would be especially helpful if the humidity in your area is especially high. If you are having burn issues, maybe try dialing the RH down to the lower 60s.
  6. I'm not sure what 'CRW' stands for, because I couldn't find the original post, but I hope this fits the bill (after all, it is a 'Classic, charmingly-crafted Cohiba cigar'... and that's 'CCCCCRW' ) I know it's been a while, but this seems like as good a time as any... I've missed you guys/gals. Cheers all! Admittedly, I thought I had pulled a Siglo iii out of my singles bin until I started to punch it and noticed the pigtail. Turns out it's a 'Corona Especiales'--Laguito #2. Lucky me Cold draw presents a touch of honey, hay, and lemongrass... has the feel of a delicate and refined smoke right from the get-go. First light offers notes of toasted tobacco and honey biscuit. There is a bit of mild cedar woodiness here and there, but it's not too strong. The mouth feel periodically reminisces of iced matcha and whole milk with lingering hints of tea on the finish. The burn is a bit uneven at this point, but it touches up pretty easily and the draw is just about perfect. Flavors remain somewhat consistent into the second third--light wood, tea, shortbread, hay, and a touch of honey--all folded into a predominating profile of light toasted tobacco. There are slight bulges and cracks in the wrapper, but the binder seems to be holding... not a razor-sharp burn, but close enough. Body is medium, strength is mild. A bit of graham cracker creeps in around the midway point accompanied by a salty and zesty finish, leaving hints of light leather as it lingers--quite pleasant. I'm impressed with the construction of this thin cigar. Tons of cool smoke. The ash was hanging on quite nicely until a low-flying bird crashed through and sent it flying. The flavor profile doesn't change much entering the final third, but there is a building zestiness in the finish. The nub starts to swell and crack in the last inch or two ... should have probably dry-boxed for a day or two... Oh well. Still... this one shaped up to be a fine smoke!... I'd give it a solid 91/100 Cheers (again)! -Squigg
  7. errrrm... 'Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends'? (-Francis Bacon, Tom Waits, 'Fall Out Boy', etc.)
  8. It could simply be a that/which situation (ie. not 'RyJ Piramides that are aged' but 'RyJ Piramides, which are aged'), but this would only make sense if they unearthed some dusty, unbanded torpedoes and decided to name them 'RyJ Piramides'. This, of course, creates more questions than it answers, especially since the program includes multiple examples of brand-new vitolas assigned to cigars that are supposedly 'aged'.
  9. !!! Hooray! A very pleasant surprise to cap off a long, arduous day. Thanks to @MoeFOH and @Elpresidente for keeping weekend these comps rolling. Cheers all!
  10. thanks guys, but it was actually a 91.632791546002... I just rounded down to 99.5 for the sake of convenience ?
  11. The Godfather Cigar Review Weekend!! Feat: Le Hoyo Des Dieux (BUM ENE '14) For this weekend's review I decided to reach for the godfather of vitolas--a sleek and elegant lonsdale. The Le Hoyo Des Dieux by Hoyo de Monterrey, technically a 'long corona' or 'corona grande', never seems to disappoint, gaining rank among my favorite cigars of all time. Suffice it to say (if smoking in bed weren't such a flagrant fire hazard) I would certainly be 'taking this one to the mattresses' ? Straight out of the SLB, this cigar is a sight to behold--oily, toothy, and beautifully constructed. Cold draw is perfect with a small punch cut, offering aromas of mild tobacco, honey, and barnyard. This one comes out of the gate strong with a warm nuttiness, light baking spice, and vanilla extract. There is a bit of white pepper on the retrohale and an interesting tanginess on the tongue reminiscing of sassafras. Throughout the first third the burn remains mostly even, if a little crooked. Nonetheless, no touch ups are required and the draw remains close to perfect. The flavors are mild up to this point but variable and quite interesting: Graham cracker and a touch of cayenne, followed by whole milk and coconut cookies. Strength is med-, body is med+. Toward the beginning of the second third the burn becomes a bit wonky, but the ash just won't drop, so I decide to brush it off for a quick touch-up. The flavors continue to dance around, hinting of various semi-sweet baked goods and mild spices. A bit of tunneling occurs around the halfway point but quickly corrects itself. The flavors seem to become a bit more savory at this point, reminiscing of buttered rye toast and fresh herbs, leaving a bit of salt on the lips. These zesty, toasted flavors predominate throughout the second third, making for another welcome transition in an already pleasantly variable experience. Into the final third flavors of town-house cracker (butter crackers) and zesty cracked pepper predominate with a light, toasty and nutty finish. Strength remains on the low side of medium throughout while the body hovers between med and full. The draw seems to go downhill after smoking past the band, however, requiring some zealous double-puffing to produce sufficient smoke. As a result, this little guy starts to get pretty hot around the 1-inch mark and I eventually, reluctantly decide to toss it and call it a night. Final thoughts: I f'ing love these cigars! This was not the best one I've smoked by a stretch, but man was it good--complex yet understated, bold yet elegant, trusty yet variable, bliggity bliggity blah. All in all I'd give this one a solid 91.5/100, placing it squarely in the (low-ish) middle of the spectrum for this box. Cheers all! -Squigg
  12. Fold arms and roll aggressively to the right. If your first attempt fails, eat a lemon from your snack-bowl and try again ?
  13. A conspiracy theory of sorts? Altadis didn't start those NC brands with Cuban names, they acquired them prior to acquiring half of HSA, so I'm thinking there's still very little interconnectivity between the NC brands and the CC brands of the same name, despite now falling under the same umbrella to some extent. And, assuming Habanos SA (whose bread and butter has always been Cuban puros) has retained relative autonomy even though half the company was acquired, I doubt they'd allow it to happen. And even if Altadis' original management retained some autonomy themselves after being acquired by Imperial Brands, I wonder if it's still them in the HSA boardroom or if Imperial has assumed the role of voting with that 50% share. Regardless of who's pulling the strings, it seems like a risky move to try sneaking NC wrappers on cigars touted as 'Cuban puros'. Surely that info would leak out somewhere eventually and a veritable s*#tstorm would ensue.
  14. I think I'm going to have to get one. I've had reasonably decent luck with the trusty drill-bit when I need to remove a little tobacco, but unfortunately I don't have any 4.5 inch drill bits with ergonomic handles.

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