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  1. I was wondering what was going on with the prices. I haven't seen a decent deal on Cubans since mid-summer. Unfortunately, I have switched to non-cubans on week days. My stockpile should last 3-4 years and some friend will probably visit the island by then.
  2. I guess I didn't look close enough. Thanks
  3. Opened the canning jars this morning. They have what appears to be old machine mades. The only ones I could ID were the La Corona-Coronas, the others are some old vitola of Partagas, H U and Punch. What is the significance of the red strip on the cellophane, are they 2nds?
  4. The boxes are La Gloria Cubana MdO 1, RyJ 1 tubos and HU Aromaticas. There was also about 100 loose cigars (mostly in canning jars) of which half are HU Aromaticas, the rest I have no idea which vitolas. There is also a sealed box of JR Special Selection and about 50 Filipino cigars. What will freezing do? And by reacclimate, do you mean put them in a humidor with progressively higher RH Bovedas?
  5. Went to a garage sale yesterday and bought a box of Cubans for almost nothing. However, they had been stored 10+ years, the last year they were not in a humidor. Some dried mold. Some cracking damage. The cracked ones were mostly out of boxes. Mold is mostly on ones in boxes. Thoughts? Ideas?
  6. I still haven't tried a Quintero. The JLP Brevas were very good. JLP Cazadores went on sale, so I got two boxes. They are very harsh, I'm hoping a one year rest will help them.
  7. I have seen very low priced Cohiba and Trinidad Shorts, $1.35! I normally shy away from machine made, but at that price, I was wondering if they were any good? How do they compare to other C&Cs?
  8. Last summer I bought 2 boxes of JLP Brevas 2017, they are pretty good. I just bought 2 boxes of JLP Cazadores 2019. The Cazadores are pretty harsh. Do JLPs need 3 years or are the Cazadores just harsher than Brevas?
  9. I love Monte 4, I realize they are on the upper edge of being considered C&C. The Partagas in the photo are Super Partagas, not Mille Fleurs.
  10. Also, I have two boxes of RyJ Mille Fleurs being shipped. I think I'm set for a while.
  11. Two boxes of JLP Cazadores and one of Monte 4s. I also just ordered five boxes of 10 RyJ Mille Fleurs.
  12. Just arrived. I like Brevas. Looking forward to Cazadores tomorrow night!
  13. My daughter and her husband started smoking cigars. I made a starter pack for them.

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