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  1. Would it be possible to add toilet paper as currency on Bond Roberts?
  2. if (client.response() == "mailbox" || client.response() == "ship" || client.response() == "customs") then client.response() == "*****" && admin.flag(post.id);
  3. The USA is the greatest technology innovator in the world. We dont need no stinking test kits!
  4. Walnut plywood? I'm lucky to find baltic birch. That stuff is absolutely stunning!
  5. Lol that's determination there my friend. I tip my hat to you...
  6. Building my own humidor is on my bucket list. Congrats my friend. You are very talented. I love woodworking but the most precision (cant use wood putty) work I've done is picture frames. I guess that's a step in the right direction.
  7. The highest paying jobs in India are telephone support gigs. I must say that over the last 2 decades they have gotten much better. I would much rather talk to one of them than get in a recursive loop with a machine. Damn those things drive me nuts! If I could do what I needed online, I wouldn't be calling! Even 80 year olds can Google nowadays. Sometimes you just have to deal with it... Remember the days before speakerphones? Let me tell you kids... it was much worse than pooping without an iPhone.
  8. I love my PCs but nothing says class like a big ol fat stogie hanging out of your mouth. A 50ct of 109 double banders will retail at what? $1500? I'll try a 5er if I can. If not oh well...
  9. And kudos for SA Habanos for commissioning modern looking boxes this year. This is the reason all other auctions pale in comparison. These are actual usable humidors that these millionaires can proudly display in the east wing of their mansions. Humidors of past auctions seem very rustic, which is cool, but it's obvious what these whales want.
  10. This is for a great cause... Cuba's healthcare if I am not mistaken. At least this billionaire gets something for his charitable donation. I am not sure if it's a tax write off, but who cares. His name is forever embedded into cuban culture and he has one bad ars box of goodies! Hopefully they name a hospital after him.
  11. I read somewhere that 75% of CCs produced stay on the island. The island is poor so I dont ever see them upgrading regular production boxes just for this simple reason. Regionals on the other hand would probably benefit them by blinging out the boxes. It would make the "collectors" go nuts and would far surpass the double band craze. They could then once again double the price which would drive most of us here mad. We are not their intended target though. They want the whales, and most of us are just curious little fish that take a nibble here and there.
  12. I dont know about you but when I first started smoking cigars,the B&M had all their boxes open so that took out any marketing strategies from the selection. What I looked for was prices; I didnt even look at the sticks. You get what you pay for right? Well little did I know, this is only about 50% right in the cigar game and in the NC world, those prices are highly influenced by the box its shipped in aka Ghurka. You cant go wrong with a top dollar Patron on the other hand though. The best advice I can give to a newb is go to a B&M. They are some of the most honest salespersons in any business. When you shop online (FOR NCs), the marketing team spams you with whatever makes them the most money and then proceeds to rate these sticks in the mid 90s. Its pathetic IMO...
  13. This is vacation bait if I've ever seen it. It appears Rob needs some company.
  14. Those are perfect years. I tip my hat to your vet. I owned dobes my whole life.
  15. It appear Habanos SA has acquired Ghurka's marketing director. Lets all hope he didnt bring any leaf with him. Those bands look sick but those boxes are going to double the price of the sticks.

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