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  1. The Belicoso may be my favorite RyJ. Age well too! have a sourdough characteristic that I love
  2. I feel the Vigia and Topes have a nice snap to them young. Which is part of what draws me in. The Vigia being more cream, and the Topes being more cedar. The reyes in my experience does benefit from a couple years minimum. Younger reyes are espresso bombs, and with a couple years they begin to get some cream from the Vigia profile.
  3. My saints looked great against the Bucs, but I doubt they have the cojones in the stretch.
  4. Adam Gase is a terrible coach. I really feel for you.
  5. I smoked a small VSG figurado recently with around 20 years on it that was gifted to me from a friend. It was a phenomenal cigar. Still very full in flavor. Makes me want to buy a box and forget about them!!
  6. I think the Coro is a good choice, cause that band is gonna look soo sexy in 20 years
  7. I like to be still and present while enjoying a cigar. I am more observant that way. If I'm walking the dogs, or even playing poker ill light up a NC
  8. I can relate, smoking has taken an uptick. welcome!

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