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  1. The 50's or 54's did nothing for me, other than hot air. Smoked an old band Claro Claro and loved every minute of it.
  2. 100% dogs. I don't see cats working with the first responders, military or in hospital/school settings....
  3. Genuinely curious what everyone's thoughts are on aging specific brands. Which brands benefit the most with age and which don't.
  4. I couldn't imagine id have an appetite. Wonder how long after their meals are they executed?
  5. The cost of a box would be too much for my comfort zone, but purchasing a 5er would be on my to do list.
  6. I'm on the same boat with you regarding the Epi2s. They just don't or haven't done anything for me in the flavor department.
  7. I love them! I bought the jar at $300 and found it a good investment. I've chased not-so-great RE's that carried a much higher $$$.
  8. Nice review! The best cigar I’ve ever smoked ROTT. Looking forward to revisiting,

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