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  1. Does anyone else think Cuban cigars generally have a different style or method of bunching tobacco, which generally results in a tighter and firmer draw across the board compared to non-Cubans? I agree there are other factors that contribute to tighter draws in Cubans (mainly age & humidity), but think it's a matter of style and preference with Cuban rollers and how they're trained because I've never used a perfect draw on a non-Cuban, but constantly am using it to open up Cubans of all sizes and marcas.
  2. Dip 2's blow Monte 2's out of the water. Not even close.
  3. Many thanks to @El Presidente, @MoeFOH and the rest of the FOH team. Received a weekend cigar review prize in the mail this week and am very grateful for the prize and everything else the forum offers to build the community through various giveaways and discussions while providing quite a lot of entertainment at the same time. It's awesome!
  4. Amen. For Cubans I’ve learned to check if they’re underfilled vs. overfilled & will go for the “underfilled” ones every time for fear of a tight / bad draw and poor smoking experience. Ultimately I’m trying to relax and not suck my own brains out.
  5. Picked up a few good pointers here. I unfortunately fall is the 20%+ group, but have been slowly lowering humidity levels across the board and realize Cubans are an entirely different beast than NC's. Resting periods, youthful cigars, quality control, humidity levels, temperature, sheer quantity of Cubans in your collection. It's hard to stare at a few newer boxes of Cubans and let them settle and acclimate for 90 days to a year or two, but luckily I'm getting to a point where 1) Cuban stock is steadily growing with a range of newer to older sticks 2) stocked with NC's I like 3) have a good understanding of different factors that can cause tight draws and 4) the patience to wait. I believe a combination of all the above will improve my experiences with tight draws, but it took a lot of tinkering and learning to get to this point.
  6. Very interesting method, might begin to incorporate the penalty box. I've gotten better results by lowering humidor to 62-65% and dry-boxing. I don't hesitate to work the perfect draw, but sometimes even when you have the see through/shotgun hole in the middle of the cigar things still might not feel right at cold. One of the joys of the Cuban leaf.
  7. Definitely think it's a good move. DR used to be my favorite tobacco, now it's Nicaragua and Cuban. Looking forward to the new blends to come.
  8. The good ol' days pre-expansion. I knew the transition would bring additional customers/bidders and am thinking how good the FOH auction customers had it previously. However, it is cool to have access to more global stock and from a seller standpoint it's great.
  9. 2nd Calvary has arrived! Additional reinforcements to follow on Monday and beyond. Excited to try these, have only smoked 2 of these previously.
  10. I like the idea of keeping the dryer bovedas in case you want to bring RH down for any reason, thanks for the tip.
  11. Correct - I caught a few good hands and ended up taking down Habana Mike this time with elgallo55 coming in 3rd.
  12. I saw the FOHrensics and still need to try the OJ with the cigar test as the #1 pairing. I usually don't smoke multiple cigars in a day, but Zoom sessions, alcohol & hangouts with friends quickly kick that rule of thumb to the curve. I definitely agree with starting with lighter smokes first and moving to the darker/bolder sticks after with exception to smok the more expensive sticks 1st and the everyday smokes 2nd. Will have to try chewing on some fresh mint from the garden next time.
  13. I've been smoking a lot more cigars than usual under these lockdown conditions and was wondering how others clean their palette when smoking multiple cigars in a day (if at all). I like to brush my teeth and use mouthwash to reset my palette and have a flavored sparkling water or coffee to get reset. What other good methods/products/drinks/food items do you guys use to achieve a reset?
  14. I prefer the corona size and they're relatives, corona gorda, petite corona, half corona over robusto's and those extentions, robusto extra, petite robusto, double robusto. The skinnier Cuban cigars generally perform better and have a better and more concentrated flavor profile where the larger ring gauges I've had more draw issues and find them generally subdued in flavors. This could be in part due to the aging equation, however, bigger Cubans tend to cost more cash as well and haven't provided an adequate value proposition for me yet in terms of enjoyment/flavor to cost ratio. If I want a bigger ring gauge cigar I usually pick up a non-Cuban like Perdomo Padron, or Oliva... there are plenty to choose from, however, many NC's don't make anything less than a 50 RG. I'm still early on in my Cuban Cigar journey and current strategy is to stock up on the smaller RG's and work my way around from there. From a business perspective, I'd be doing the same thing as Habanos SA by creating and pushing larger RG sticks because they're more profitable and are what the market is calling for. Cuban cigar production and access to labor has a hard ceiling and with limited production capacity, the shift to discontinue smaller sticks in preference over larger ones is just a way to maximize sales. On another note, has anyone seen QDO coronas with the updated branding in the last year or two? I've seen a lot of the 50 & 54's, but where are the refreshed coronas at?
  15. Wow, this is awesome! Was feeling really good after getting a box of CC's in the mail today and now this? I need a breather & a margarita
  16. Montecristo #1 ASU NOV 18 24:24 PSP/HQ 1st of the calvary to arrive after a long journey, looking forward to the reinforcements to follow. To smoke one right out of the box or not.... Happy Cinco!
  17. Thanks for the reviews. I have both of these in the mail, looking forward to them!
  18. @NSXCIGAR You're totally right, got the name mixed up with the size. Agree with your secondary market prices as well, I enjoyed seeing in my humidor more than smoking it. I had the Diplotmatico Excelencia and meh... I have the ERDM Infantes Cuba RE sitting around, not expecting too much from it as I realize RE's are hyped and a bit hit or miss.

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