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  1. Havana House is the Canadian Distributor of Cuban Cigars He is to be deported to Cuba upon completion of his sentence http://www.thestar.com/mobile/NEWS/article/1111631
  2. Seivers is 2 doors down from The Pogue Fado. Its just a convenience store with a few cigars at the back
  3. I am here. I was posted here 3 years ago. Unfortunately I am on my four nights at the moment and not done until Sunday Morning. The only cigar shop we have here is in a plaza called Bishops Landing. I don't want to mention the name on the forum. The guy who runs the shop is an idiot. If you need help with anything let me know For Bars check out the Pogue Fado Durty Nellys and the Old Triangle
  4. More along the lines of the Buckeyes winning the NC this coming season
  5. Nice win by the Reds this morning! First half was slow but the action in the second half made up for it. The commentators had to eat their words, saying the Reds were just "hanging on" Very impressive run by 11 if I recall correctly Looking forward to the Tri Nations and then the RWC
  6. To be a fly on the wall during that halftime speech Unbelievable performance by the boys in Blue. Especially Sexton I thought Poite did a great job reffing the game Bring on Munster
  7. Prez, Will FOH be stocking these books in the near future?
  8. I was lucky enough to stay at the Nacional for 4 nights in the summer of 09. I had just read Havana Nocturne and the Nacional is constantly talked about in the book I was lucky to have Ms Estela Rivas as a tour guide. She is a retired history professor at Havana University I was the only one on the tour and she answered all my questions and she brought me to all the rooms that were spoke of in the book. I was unable to go into the room where the mob had their meetings because a government delegation from Africa were there. I would say 99 percent of the guests have no idea about all the trenches and anti aircraft positions and tunnels on the back lawn of the hotel If anyone is planning on staying here in the future you should read this new book or Havana Nocturne to appreciate the history of the hotel The writer is not lying when they day the rooms are musty. If you can put that aside everything else was great
  9. Congrats Let me know if you need any questions answered. I have been serving for 16 years in the CF. The last 3 as a Firefighter. When does Basic start in St Jean? I can help you get some on the job training after you complete your Basic trg and if your MP course in Borden does not start right away. I worked in Borden with the PATs for 6 years. PATs is something you will learn about soon enough Depending on what element you have chosen (Army Air Force Or Navy) will depend on if you have to do a SQ course for 6 weeks and you will also have to take a driving course to get a military Drivers License I am going to be in Borden from mid Jan to May on a course. I should see you up there Let me know just before you get to Borden
  10. Congrats to both of you Thats some nice hardware to have your named called out for
  11. How do the confidence points work lower number means what exactly Do the confidence points go with the spread or just straight up as well Please let me know so I can put in my picks
  12. Is it 5 cigars per week or for the whole season? I am gonna try and join later tonight or tomorrow Just let me know about the quantity of cigars Currently watching a rerun of the LSU/Bama game from last year
  13. What school are you working at? Illinois or Northwestern? Heading to the Notre Dame Army game on 20 Nov at Yankee Stadium this year
  14. I'm in I am a College Football feak. Can't wait for the season to start.
  15. Welcome to the board!! Nice to have another Canadian on the site. We are getting up there in numbers now. You are right about the prices of cigars now in Canada. I just paid $29 for a Petit Edmundo at my local B&M. I could have had 3 of them from the Czar for that price. If you have any questions on ordering/shipping of cigars just ask. Shoot me a PM if need be Make sure you spend some time on the video review section Welcome!
  16. The OP is making a suggestion for the shop website. He just wants to see a name beside each cigar review. That way he can relate the tasting notes to that person. I always thought they were done by Rob unless listed otherwise
  17. I am saying this as a novice cigar smoker even though I have been smoking for the last 5 years. I do not smoke alot of cigars. The weather here in Canada dictates when I can and cannot smoke. I enjoy smoking a few cigars on the weekends in the summer when I am drinking or even just watching a sporting event. I do not need to smoke everyday but I do read the forums daily. Saying that my Aristocrat mini humidor is completly full. Having had to play the wierdest game of jenga in my life, I managed to fit everything in. It is full of 25 boxes of all the normal heavyweights--Partagas, Cohibas, Montecristos, RyJs I was able to try all these on trips down to Cuba and purchased them there. I was planning to order some 10 boxes on my next order from FoH as a sort of taste test. I do not want to spend money on a 25 box for a taste test, only to find out that they are too light or knock me on my ass. That happened with a Bolivar 4 years ago and I have not touched one since. I would buy 10 boxes to smoke right away. I don't care that the box looks empty or not. The way I see it-- If it is empty or near empty I enjoyed them and it's time to look for a box of 25. A box of 10 allows me to sample a wide array of Habanos that I may not have tried because I would have gone with another box of the big boys. Yes I could try singles of each but the way the FoH prices a single compared to a box of ten makes it easier to try a 10 box. FYI The only 10 box I actually own right now is a box of Cuaba Solamones and a 12 box of the Trinidad Robusto Extra Prez expect an order for a couple of 10 boxes soon enough from me (Any chance the Wide Churchill being sold like that)
  18. Nice to have another Canuck on the board. Welcome! If you have any questions please feel free to PM
  19. Is there any kind of timeline for this trip? Next 3 months? 6 months? Year?
  20. Nice to see some pictures of the finished job. I was there last summer and it was nothing but a construction zone.
  21. Excellent idea WRT to having some of the movers and shakers in the Habanos world on as guests.
  22. Podcast sounds great. Anyway you can link it to itunes so we can download it and listen to it while we drive? We could have a listen also if we were smoking the same cigar as you guys to see how we compared it. Either way looking forward to it
  23. It is going to be his biggest appearance since 2006. I would love to somehow be able to track down a copy of what he said. http://www.thestar.com/news/world/article/...ght-report?bn=1
  24. I noticed that El Prez was member number 4. Who would be so lucky to have numbers ahead of him in the heirarchy?

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