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  1. Thanks for the responses

    Sadly it is not just the fans. It seems to be the top part of the unit, the part with the motor and digital display. I don't think it's the white ribbon either as I have had it replaced a few times. I've been trying to figure out if it is just the AC adapter or the whole unit. Im having an electrician friend have a look at it on Saturday. Just looking at my options.

  2. Hello all,

    Looking for a bit of help in regards to replacing my Hydra with another active humidifier. I would get another in a heart beat.

    I purchased it about 8 years ago for my small Aristocrat end table. I have had no problems.

    Eight years ago it was either The Hydra or Cigar Oasis. It's not something I have looked at in years. Has technology changed that much recently.

    I am open to suggestions.



    Victoria BC

  3. Mombacho Cigars is actually a Toronto based cigar company. I had my first Mombacho cigar about 5 years ago at a cousins wedding.

    I kept asking the person who gave me the cigar about them, because I had never heard of the company. Turns out he is a co-owner/investor in the company. If you look at their contact information you will see that it is a 416 area code phone number

    Very nice roll BTW

  4. Hey guys

    A friend from work is heading down there soon and he agreed to bring me back some cigars. I checked Marty's site for info on shops there, but he didn't like them. I also checked tripadvisor to see where people bought their cigars and each thread said there wasn't much to buy and some people responded to others by telling them to buy them on the beach because they are cheaper that way

    I'm looking for a couple of boxes of regular production cigars. Can someone who has been there recommend a proper store to get them at

    Thanks in advance

  5. Screenshots from Codemasters F12012 game


    Codemasters have released four screenshots from the latest instalment in their award winning Formula 1 series of games.

    F1 2012, due for release in September, is currently in development, but to give fans a taste of what's to come, they've released the following images which show this years cars racing around the latest addition to the calendar; the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.





    MIKA; They look amazing, so much detail. almost real.


    Any idea as to why the game comes out near the end of the F1 season? Most sport video games come out just prior to the season. I recently picked up the 2011 version of the game and love it but I was already in my local game shop asking if they have 2012 in yet.

    It does'nt make sense to me

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