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  1. I did the same on these. Grabbed a 1/4 box. Only 2 have even reached a 90. Rest were blah. Disappointing.
  2. G’day FOH. Today’s marque is the classic Montecristo Number 2 from April 2013. I bought a 3 pack of these last October & smoked 2 within first month after receiving. They were bland & forgettable. Soooo,,,,,let’s set out and see if we can catch lightening in a bottle & find some good times. The construction couldn’t get any better. Looks & feels superb. Aroma at cold is huge. I must have spent 15 minutes just taking in that cold aroma. Wow! Clipped the cap (not too far down), but just enough. Toasted the foot & I could tell right away that this one was going to be different than the prior two. 1/3: Like a thoroughbred launched out the gate, we had magnifico from the start. Salty, chocolate creaminess. I knew this was going to be a winning ride. Strength settled in at a solid medium. Oh that classic Montecristo aroma filled el patio. This torpedo produced massive plumes of smoke, with a tight burn to boot. 2/3: The saltiness lightened. Chocolate creaminess remained the Captain of this voyage. A tangy woodiness joined in just out on the edges. This lasted all the way through the second third. 3/3: The tangy chocolate creaminess faded away into the horizon, only to leave the woodiness at command. This wasn’t pleasant at all, so we ended the journey on a high note. Final thoughts: I’ve been searching for a Monte No2 that would show me why it’s such in high demand & finally. What a remarkable time. Only down side is I don’t have anymore of these. I give this an easy 96. Blow my hair back why don’t you. Even if the last bit went south on us. Till next time. Find your good times. Cheers, CptGoodTimes
  3. ESL ABR19 again ?. From the virtual herf a few nights ago. Not sure when. The days are blending together with no real identifiers anymore. Is it still 2020?
  4. Well John, it isn’t going to build itself amigo. ? ?
  5. UAO18 CoRo Jr is on ?. Shorter smoke times these days unfortunately.
  6. A very generous BOTL sent me this Limited Edition Topes. Before this Trinidad, I had only tried 2 from the marca....the Fundadores & Coloniales. So I’m limited myself in really judging this one on the merits of the marca, but here....we....go. Let’s have some more good times. The wrapper is a solid dark brown, but not what I’ve been accustomed to seeing on ELs. Color me excited. It’s nicely packed with no soft spots. Let’s ? it up. 1/3: Construction is spot on with a great draw and loads of smoke. Burn is nice too. Out the gate I get a dark roast coffee. Some toasty tobacco & a little nuttiness. Nothing really sweet. 2/3-3/3: I believe you call that “stacking dimes”. What an ash. Flavors haven’t really changed much. There is some sweetness raising its hand in the back of the class. Hard to put my finger on it. Very peculiar. The strength is above medium. Final Thoughts: So, I went searching afterwards to find out what some were describing the peculiar flavor I was experiencing. I’ll be damn. Coconut!!! That’s definitely a first for me. This Topes EL 2016 was a rare bird indeed. Not sure it blew my hair back enough to rush out for a box. Especially at the price it has reached these days. I do want to try some of the other reg production vitolas under the Trini umbrella. I’ll give this one a 92. Till next time. Cheers, CptGoodTimes
  7. @Elpresidente This episode is filmed before a live virtual studio audience. ? ?????? Enjoyed it fellas. @ElJavi76, @rcarlson, @bundwallah, @Habana Mike. I’ll try and be on once a week.
  8. @Chibearsv whistle is a necessity raising twin 6yr old boys. On the field & off. ?
  9. Great idea. Will try & hop on tonight for at least the last 2hrs. 9-11 US CST ?
  10. Last one was too good, had to revisit sooner than later
  11. I’m going to try and list a few that haven’t been mentioned already. For bingeing, I would want more than 1 season or a movie. Soooo, here are some quality multi season series in no particular order. 1) Bosch 2) Mindhunter 3) The Expanse 4) Ozark 5) Bloodline
  12. Couple from the weekend. 18 Connie B was just ok. Had some bitter vegetal flavors that poked in and out ?. Which is odd, as I’ve never run across an Upmann to have that flavor. I’ll stick with the A team. As for the CoRo, what a box the MUO14 is ?,,,,must forget about it better to make,,,,,,,them,,,,,,,last.
  13. Evening FOH. Let’s settle in for some more good times, shall we. I’ve enjoyed half a dozen or so of these Short Churchills from the BRO JUN18 box. Only complaint thus far is these are some thick wrappers. Meaning, dry boxing for 2 weeks or so is mandated. Beautiful wrappers though,,,,look at this next one. Just can’t beat it. Well, I guess you can’t bat a thousand all the time. This turned out to be a wind tunnel ash tasting fest. I smoked an inch into this one, but you could drive a Buick through that tunnel. I turned to my trusty MUO14 box to set the Earth back on its axis. You can’t win them all. Till we meet again BRO. Till we meet again. Cheers, CptGoodTimes
  14. ...now I’ve been drinking here, so sit back. ?? In late 2007, work consumed my life. I also traveled a lot globally in O&G. My social life went into the shitter. Soooooo, I jumped on Match per a friends rec. Let the internet work for you, he said. For 18 months, Match offered many a date. Some were memorable. Some forgettable. There was the 6’2” former college cheerleader that could eat $100 of sushi in one sitting. Okay ??,,,,surrrrrrreeeee. ? There was the army nurse (she served in Iraq invasion) who dislocated my knee cap,,,,in bed. And then couldn’t put it back in place,,,And broke up with ME two weeks later. ? There was the lesbian who thought she was bi, but was obviously confused. ??‍♂️ There was the gorgeous psychologist who claimed I had a sex addiction,,,,,well no shit walking catch 22. ? Then in summer of 2019, I jumped on to close my account(my social life has returned from the dead). I took one,,,,,,,last,,,,,,,,,look. There she was! She had checked my profile out after logging on to close her own account that exact,,,,,,,same,,,,,,,,,day. I flew to Dallas the next weekend & yada yada yada.....We’ve been happily married since 2011 with twin boys. ?‍?‍?‍?
  15. Fresh Cab (MSU JUL19),,,there’s greatness inside just will take a few more days. ??
  16. Yes it’s a very consistent vitola imo. This is the third different box example I’ve had the pleasure of trying from 2014. All three have been the same. I will say the Tubo did have the better aroma during the smoke. Only difference.
  17. Quickie, but still some good times. Opening Remarks: Cold aroma is sweet tobacco & mild barnyard. After a ? to the cap, cold draw is perfect. 1/3 - 3/3: From start to finish, the flavor was very well blended. No harshness. Just a great aged Punch. It wasn’t like the individual flavors were flying disconnected all over the place. It was very pleasant, but very difficult to split them apart to name. Definitely sweetness, that typical Cuban tobacco, maybe some nutmeg, & cedar. The aroma is what really shined as a super sweet floral fragrance filled the air. I give it an easy 93. One you just kick back in the hammock & smoke the probs away. Till next time. Cheers, CptGoodTimes
  18. Trini Time! First pull from this ARS JUL19. 60 days of rest,,,,it’s time for my very first Coloniales.
  19. Upmann week concludes with this fabulous LUB15 Connie A. Our ❤️ Affair grows stronger.
  20. Another pull from the ESL19 box. Just a hunch,,,these are not going to last very long ?
  21. I know I’ve heard this before,,,somewhere recently. ? If only Trump would intervene... ???

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