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  1. Some gems in there. Any clues 🕵🏻‍♂️ where you found SOU EscoOMGs? 😁
  2. @El Presidente thx for the list. How big is the gap between 20 & 21 CoRo? A skeeter’s pecker? Totally agree on the P2s too.
  3. Loving the Piramides right now (and I’ll group the BBF in with those for listing purposes). Piramides 1. Monte2 2. P2 3. Up2 4. Dip2 5. BBF Robusto 6. CoRo 7. PSD4 8. Epi2 (50cab) Special Occasions 9. Sir Winnie 10. Esplendido
  4. @Bijan completely missed that….What a pleasant surprise. Will put to good use, if my trigger is fast enough.
  5. Nicely done @Bijan! 🙌🏼 Nailed that Dip2 to finish above .500 this season. Have had a lot of these over last year. This one was very good. Moral of this comp, YES I’m loading up on D4. 😉 That honey lemongrass really comes through at 7yr mark. 🤣 Gracias FOH for the good times 🤙🏼
  6. Wow…not inside Top 10 yet and Lusi, Up2, & Monte2 off the board. Get your popcorn ready
  7. Cigar #5 : I have had quite a few of these, I think, over last year. This toothy specimen was a delight. I pretty much got some light sweet cocoa and sour bell pepper. Where that leads, who knows. 🤪 After starting out a hot 2 for 2, I’m now starring in Frozen. So I’m just gonna Let it go…let it go…let it go.
  8. I got all smooooth lemongrass & coffee notes. No sourdough or partagas bell pepper spice. My D4 was obviously in the middle of a 2014 CoRo orgy for all these years.
  9. My sincere condolences for you D4 mates. My aged CoRo was sublime. 😜🤪🤦‍♂️
  10. Right there with ya Fuzz, with just a little twist. From start to finish mine was a Woody, Caramel, Cream bomb. No Guinness Stout, Earthiness, or Leather, like some 04, 14, 15, 19 BBF versions I’ve enjoyed in the last couple of years. And the aroma wasn’t quintessential Boli. And my nose typically straightens me up. Color me VERY surprised by this one.
  11. Again, pegged this one on aroma at the lighting. Am I an obscure one for enjoying aromas of different marcas as much as flavors? 🤔
  12. Alright alright alright! Had this one pegged on aroma alone. From the initial light, quintessential Bolivar. Excited for round dos. Thanks FOH CptGoodTimes
  13. TUA SOU RAT Didn’t include MAR because we haven’t sampled from that box yet, but they look & smell terrific.
  14. Arrived. Too bad 1 & 2 won’t get that good 30 days rest. I’m already doing side by sides with my stock. Got this! 😆
  15. Surprised P2 has no love. My TUA (FEB - ABR20) spring boxes are over the moon great. By far best of 20. Honorable mentioned: Dip2 (RAT ABR20), BRC (TUA FEB20), Escogidos (EOL ABR20).
  16. From the weekend,,,, LUB May14 LGR Oct17 LUB Feb14 RAE Jul15
  17. Love these focused little polls. And great to coral it to a very specific vitola. Only BRC was a pass because BBF is the far better/more consistent choice in that marca imo. Everything else hit avg or above. G’day! Cheers, CptGoodTimes
  18. Some new older from the weekend ASE MAY09 LUB ABR15
  19. Grabbed a 1/4 back in the fall. My very first try of the JL Onesy vitola. UTL ABR19,,,,,,I’m hooked ?

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