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  1. Monte Petit Edmundo (GMA AGO 14) RASS (MOL ABR 19) PLPC (TOS FEB 17) PSD4 (MUP MAY 19) Casdsgli Basilica C#1 Toro Maduro (blown away by this NC. Honestly, really enjoying everything Cassagli puts out).
  2. I got confused for a minute and thought this was the 24:24 thread. Please have Di ignore my 5 box order. ?
  3. Please also check out the four-book Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons. Though officially classified as sci-fi, I found that there were many fantastical elements that broke the boundaries of the genre. I’d rather not try and elaborate on the brilliance of this series in fear of doing Simmons a disservice. Believe me when I tell you that it is a true masterpiece and will change you forever!
  4. I definitely received mine earlier than most but I seem to have lost my note with the exact date they went in the humidor. It would have been on or about 12/5, so I nearly made it for a full 30 days rest before I had to sample my first. Construction was immaculate. Beautiful Colorado wrapper with a light oil sheen. Aroma at cold was slightly barnyard. The draw was perfectly snug (Goldilocks would have bit her tongue). First light put a smile on my face and a tip of my hat to Rob and Hamlet. You gentlemen had me fooled! I may be a bit of a novice with CCs but the flavor profile rang Habanos to me. Wish I had some experience with the Partagas SdC No. 3 to offer a comparison, but I don’t doubt that it’s close. Flavor notes I picked up included nutmeg, coffee with cream, and slight cocoa on the finish. The retrohale was silky smooth. A wonderful choice for celebrating the new year and I can’t wait to journey along with the remaining 24 sticks. 92/100
  5. Merry Christmas to the entire FOH staff and community! ?
  6. 12 paces by 12 paces. Just like you suggested, sweetie!
  7. I installed a Tjernlund X-changer in the center of my garage side wall, both fans exhausting out. Using the accessory speed control. Garage door cracked when smoking and full speed fans; dial it back to low speed afterwards and leave it on via outlet timer for 8 hrs. I also run a HealthMate air purifier on low, continuously. Minor odors for a day perhaps, nothing off putting. After two days there’s basically no odors left unless you directly smell fabrics or soft surfaces stored in the garage.

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