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  1. Had the worst rolled cigar ever, a selectos. Been in humidor for 4 months and boy was it good.
  2. I live in the desert and have found 70 about perfect. Our humidity is low outside sometimes as low as 1 percent. The sticks start to dry the minute you take em out.
  3. Beautiful afternoon in Las Vegas for a quintero favorito.
  4. If I keep all my cigars at 64 to 65 degrees is there really a need to freeze any?
  5. Direct from Havana, 3 months in humidor . Smoking good.
  6. I think 7 days is to much, I do freeze anything I personally buy in Cuba at -3f for 4 to 6 hours.
  7. We celebrate the day before Thanksgiving , some of us have to work tomorrow.
  8. Having a custom this afternoon in my garage. It's 57 in Vegas to chili to sit outside
  9. I am seeing that Panetelas are current too is that correct?
  10. Where can I find a list of all cigars in Cuba that are in current production right now. I am trying to find out what Por Larranaga cigars are being produced now. Thanks
  11. I live in vegas and use 3 wineodors. One I bought on Amazon and two I picked up used in town . Total invested under 2 bills. Keep all my cubans at 65\66 degrees at 69\ 70% humidity.
  12. Go to Cuba , enjoy the cigar capital of the world
  13. When I go to Cuba I only bring back my own sticks and a few for friends. It is against the law to sell them in the USA. Go to Cuba and visit the farms, factory's and lcdh's . I don't speak Spanish and never have a problem.
  14. Yes they are a peso cigar,bought in Havana . Band name is selectos. I say yes buy them ,I brought 50 sticks back to the USA in Sept. Worth every penny you spend on them, so far only one was so so and the others good. They are better after sitting in humidor at 65 degrees and 70 humidity for a few months. I am going back in Feb and for sure picking up more. I did have a hard time finding them , but after a few days I found a small store/restaurant had them 1/2 a block from my casa.
  15. What casa did you stay at where the owner worked at partagas? Thanks

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      I DM'd you the info Viva Vegas. But feel free to share.

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  16. I have had these in my humidor for two months now and I do believe they are getting better. I did like em prior to going in humidor but now even better. Stronger flavour.
  17. I keep my sticks at 65 I have tried around 60 and had problems with cracking and burning .

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