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  1. This really is a steal! Some random guy saw me looking at bourbons in the liquor store and recommended it. It was on the bottom shelf and hard to notice. After I tried it, I went back the next day and bought two more.
  2. I purchased a clearance box of these from the 24:24/End-of-Year sale the other day. Anxiously awaiting them. I smoked a Monte No. 5 last night and experienced the same thing as you with regards to initial harshness followed by smoothness.
  3. Gin Sour 2 oz gin .75 oz simple syrup .75 oz fresh lemon juice Combine all ingredients and ice in a shaker; shake and strain into a glass; garnish with lemon slice or peel. ***Substituting fresh lime juice for the lemon juice is a Gimlet, and is also very good!
  4. Wild Turkey 101 is the bottle I always make sure I have on hand (and the one I find myself replacing the most). Love Eagle Rare, but it's increasingly harder to find.
  5. I prefer using "accessible" bourbons for my Old Fashioneds as well. Just switched from Beam to Evan Williams Black, and I've been extremely impressed. Such a good value. I also do a similar setup with the Braves, but I just listen to the radio broadcast on the MLB app. Baseball and cigars are such a good pairing!
  6. Willett Rye 4-Year-Old (110.2 proof). Picked this up yesterday and had a bit of it last night. Loved it.
  7. I love my Colibri V-Cutter. I've also been eyeing one of these Victorinox Cigar Punches for a while:
  8. These arrived a few days ago. Going to let them acclimate for a few weeks and then try one out. Date code is ABR 18.
  9. The price fluctuation of the Sistemas is infuriating. I went to purchase one a few days ago, and they were $28—now they're $9.99!!! I passed and went with a product called Lock & Lock. It's slightly smaller than the Sistema, but it comes with an included drain tray which I arrange my sticks on. Bovedas and a few sheets of Spanish cedar fit pretty nicely underneath. At $22 at the time of this post, it's still relatively expensive for what it is. The size of the Lock & Lock is 11.85 x 7.4 x 3.7; the Sistema is 14 x 10 x 5.
  10. Thanks, guys! The forum is very welcoming and encouraging (at least, in the "beginners" threads I've been looking at).
  11. Total neophyte to the cigar world. Smoked the occasional cigar here and there over the past 25 years, but until recently, was never taught how to actually enjoy and appreciate one. Been slowly getting into it, and this site has BY FAR been the best resource I've found. Thanks for all your useful information and for being so welcoming—I look forward to learning more.

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