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  1. LOL..I understand everything you are talking about. I just can’t implement yet. I still need to seek guidance on whether to go transparent or opaque, warm or cool. And I need to look up what’s cool/warm. And I couldn’t tell you warm from cool between two reds or two yellows. Like you said, I need to get the hang of it. I’ll keep mixing! Appreciate the feedback!
  2. Maybe both. I understand shading, core shadow, reflected light, cast shadow etc. I can render eggs, spheres, etc. But good oil painters talk about warm light/cool shadows and vice versa(which is a very real thing in reality, but perhaps more illusory in painting?) So that is one thing to tackle/learn on canvas. The other is just rendering with paint. That just takes time I think/hope. Also getting to know why cad yellow light is better in the mix than ochre, or aliz crimson vs cad red….and how to use them on the fly. I need the reps. The online academy teachers I’m working with, some started as Disney illustrators, all amazing…..they all talk about putting in the time to become competent with oil. But drawing is the foundation. I’m enjoying the process.
  3. Negative people are likely realists positive people are hopeful and can be useful stupid positive people are unrealistically hopeful and are usually annoying
  4. Funny, I find my drawing is starting to improve by focusing on drawing shadows/mass…..as opposed to line. Especially with drapery. Im trying to apply this to paint. Dark to light in oil makes this easier, but getting the color blending is a challenge. I gotta believe a pure illustrator would have the toughest transition, but I also think the best illustrators are the best at human form. The comic artists are incredible. I’m working on classic figurative work myself. Cheers to you.
  5. Condolences…sad news. He chronicled his trips so beautifully.
  6. Along with monte, SLR, RASS, HU46, Trini anything, Famoso is my go-to smoke.
  7. What’s the medium for Bobby Orr? Is that watercolor, acrylic? The fabric looks great, nice highlights and nice reflected light.
  8. I joined an online academy in January that uses a lot of live models. I’m also copying old master drawings, doing the Bargue plates, etc. Happy painting!
  9. Their loss. Your ink is wonderful. And I can see the color/depth in your work that is what I’m trying to do. Art gives me happiness beyond all my other worldly pursuits. Keep going. I’m a novice but I’m committed. Love the challenge.
  10. Here’s a few more. Learning to render three dimensionality is a challenge. Drapery is very difficult for me. And then doing it in color. Watercolor is extremely unforgiving. Amazes me what Anders Zorn could do with watercolor.
  11. I appreciate all the feedback. This is where I’m at now….starting to be able to draw human form and trying to begin to transfer that to canvas/watercolor
  12. I misspoke…meant to say I’ve had La tache but not Romanee Conti
  13. Seems you have a sense of line, but value/light and perspective needs some work…..unless you are a ruthless modernist. My sister went to a famous northeast art school that lost the old atelier methods of teaching and she never became a competent draftsman. Realism seems to be making a comeback, at least as a basic tenet of being considered a real artist. I’ve always admired abstraction, minimalism, etc. But I kinda think to do that stuff you ought to have made your chops as a competent figurative artist first. I have huge respect for the illustrationists, comic book artists, etc….they can do stuff from imagination at light speed.
  14. I’m from a family of artists but I quit young and am now working hard on learning. I’m doing the Bargue plates, also part of an online academy. I know (think) @canadianbeaver is a professional. Any others? My biggest struggles are fabric and making the transition from drawing to oil/color. Would love to hear any advice or feedback if anyone is willing. My favorite time alone is drawing and a cigar.

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