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  1. I found my empty boxe just lil different now haha ..good job looking nice
  2. The connie line is excellent hope the no.2 will be a good addition and not copy and paste:)
  3. It was the first to received them in poland for sure i heard
  4. Anyone have saw them in shop I can’t find them anywhere?
  5. I hope to find some especial ..the size is so enjoyable
  6. Yeah maybe its because of that.cannot find any cab or boxes. i smoke one last week and fell in love haha
  7. Yeah ok thanks its what I saw cannot find them.
  8. Lot less problem with lower rh except trini reyes that seem to be a caracteristic: 3 plugged boxes all from francisco donatien factory ARS
  9. Anyone have seen them available recently .?? Or its a covid thing since lot more time to smoke.:)
  10. Its sad that they are discontinuing all these packaging size but better for me haha ? i like to keep them full.. but wondering if they selling badly that much or if its another hsa marketing strategy..

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