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  1. Good news, have a trip in March. Hopefully things will be back to somewhat normal. Really hoping I can bring back some smokes.
  2. Booked a flight for first week in March, hoping everything is back to somewhat normal.
  3. Thank you but we’d like to chill and smoke in a balcony or rooftop. I’ll ask the rest of the group and pm if I need more info, thank you
  4. Hello I traveled to Cuba earlier this year in feb for the first time and had a great time, now in planning my second visit in March and I’m looking for suggestion on where to stay. We stayed in an Airbnb outside of Miramar and it was great but a bit too far and had to either walk a lot or taxi everywhere. We were in 54 between 31&33, the place was nice and allowed us to have guest, music and best of all smoke cigars. I’m looking for something a bit closer to Havana that will allow us the same privacy and freedom to have people over and smoke cigars, I have looked thru Airbnb but getting recommendations would be great, thanks in advance. Guys trip, 4 total.

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