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  1. Since this was just about a month until its first birthday, I decided to break it out and give it a go. My mistake, won't happen again. Sometimes I've found the #2 ready to go at about 12 months but I'll mark the especial differently. Construction was good, nice weight. Slightly loose on the draw. Cold draw was slightly floral but nothing else. May have been the highlight looking back. 1st third- floral with a touch of cinnamon, very young on the taste. At this point I regretted lighting it up. 2nd third- much of the same. The cigar went out a couple of times, really regretting lighting it up at this point. I'm no quitter however, so I soldier on. Final third- absolutely zero change from the beginning. Too young, massive potential but too young. This box will go to sleep for at least 24 months before I touch it again. 86/100 Damn review weekend
  2. Start off with this bad boy from 2014. Construction was perfect, draw was just a little loose. Felt good in the hand though. May have had a couple of cocktails and only took the one photo, a thousand apologies haha 1st third- heavy cocoa, and I mean heavy. Little bit of cinnamon, slightly floral. Draw was good, smoke output was right on the money. 2nd third- more of the same, much more. Felt however, that it went from medium to mild-medium. Final third- all cocoa at this point. Beautiful flavor. Little bit of toasted tobacco. Very, very pleasant. 92/100
  3. I'm in the healthcare industry and see a lot of patients. I've only put 1 mask on a patient this flu season. I'm doing just fine. Wash your hands, use sanitizer, use common sense.
  4. Smoke at my leisure, life's too short for the bullshit. No regrets. Having said that "my leisure" is likely a very long time
  5. Got it, I only have a day so trying to plan ahead. Thanks!!
  6. First off construction on this stick from the box good, not great. Raised veins and a bit bumpy. On the cold draw, floral tobacco. Draw is firm but doesn't seem bad, slight resistance. 1st 3rd the draw is tight, too tight. In my attempt to fix this, my dumbass went way too hard in the paint and the cigar burst at the seems. My fault completely but it did fix the draw and the flavors raged. Bits of sweetness, floral cooking spices overcame the afternoon air. To be honest the 2nd third and final third were much of the same, very flavorful and very consistent. There was not much change. The cigar after my idiot antics held up very well. 90/100
  7. Already on it @El Presidente took some pictures yesterday of my arrival, smoked one will review and follow set parameters
  8. That may have been what I was getting, it was bothering me trying to figure out what it was. Wasn't bad but just couldn't nail it down
  9. Was waiting for this to reach 90+ days of acclimating so I could give 1 a shot, to see where they stood. That time has passed and now time to fire 1 up. Love the LGR code of late, let's go. Construction spot on, beautiful feel to this stick. Rich dark wrapper. Cold draw is tobacco and leather. Draw is a little tight but not bad. As I get into the first third I keep getting this overwhelming feeling that what I'm tasting is similar to mint. Maybe it's mint or maybe I'm having a stroke? Ash is tight and burn is perfect. As the 2nd third begins I'm beginning to get some cocoa, and toasted tobacco with I swear to god mint like taste. I took a break from smoking and went and did a Cincinnati stroke scale on myself, and thankfully was negative. Maybe it's just a head injury. Burn and draw are ship shape! Nothing to complain about on this stick. As we enter the final 3rd mich of the same. I won't mention the mint again because at this point I'm feeling insecure about it. Overall this stick is young but all the potential in the world! It is 100% smokable right now. Damn decent 89-90/100
  10. Let me know how the st Martin LCDH is, I will be there in April.
  11. Did you do a review yet? Didn't see it was wondering if I missed it
  12. Given enough notice and my schedule I'm flying up for the next gathering, we were keeping tabs of the events at the station, cheers gentlemen. Top notch
  13. Have lived on a golf course for almost 5 years and I always say I'm going to get out more, in honor of the Chicago boys living their best life yesterday I left the station, showered and grabbed my clubs. Nudies lancero to start, perfect front 9 treat! Love these sticks!! Partagas partagas partagas!!! Oh and maybe a bloody mary, or just tomato juice, who can really tell Cheers

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