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  1. Diplomaticos Ammunition ER Phoenicia (Africa and Middle East)
  2. El Rey del Mundo WIH 20 (Dec 18) First half mild, last half medium. An enjoyable stick, but still too young for my taste.I think these has great aging potential.
  3. I usually remove the small piece of cardboard, and leave the bundle untied
  4. One of the best robustos from Cuba in my humble opinion...
  5. Thank you sir. I got a box of these from Casa Del in Rome back when they where released
  6. Celebrating summer solstice with a la escepcion selectos finos (ER Italy) . Notes of sweet tobacco, dark chocolate, spice and nutmeg. Paring with a glass of diplomatico rum. A great cigar ?
  7. Por Larrañaga Picadores (JUL 17) Notes of cinnamon and salty caramel, a delightful smoke.. Happy father's day
  8. BBQ and cigars, one of my favorite spare time hobbies. Enjoying a Sancho Panza Molinos (feb17), wile smoking a duck on the grill.. God times
  9. Celebrating our national day, with a behike 52 from the "festival presentation" sampler box. No box date, but I guess produced around 2010
  10. Enjoying a la gloria cubana inmensos @the oak lounge in Tallinn
  11. Nice and informative review, I have a few singles of these in storage, waiting for that magic two year mark
  12. First outdoor cigar of the season, Por Larranaga petit coronas (Oct 11)
  13. A box of La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or No. 1 from the late nighties
  14. My first experience smoking a Cuban cigar was a RyJ Churchill tubos. This was on a new years eve party aprox 20 years ago, there was a lot of alcohol involved that night, so my memory is kind of blurry, but I can remember buying it at my local tobacconist. I have been enjoying cuban cigars ever since
  15. In my humble opinion, one of the better robustos from Cuba
  16. Punch Royal ER 2009. Notes of vanilla, nuts and herbs. Medium bodied
  17. Cuaba Piramides LE 2008 Medium strength Notes of coffe, dark chocolate
  18. Rey Del Mundo demi tasse is about the same size as a cigarette, needs a bit of aging...

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