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  1. I had run out of room and packed a bunch into a mason jar with a flip top lid that latches. I threw a boveda in there and the humidity never moved, but I am thinking it was causing the cigars to become bland in a way. I don't know if it was due to lack of airflow due to the tight quarters and not much burping but the last 4 or 5 each had a similar lack of punch on the tongue. I moved them out and will revisit those ones next month.
  2. CC was a PLPC from I believe FEB '17. Absolutely no draw, I was going to have an anuerism trying to pull smoke through it. I'm not too confident in the rest of the box NC, I had a Rocky Patel Edge a couple days ago that barely made it halfway. I'm not a big RP fan but I expected to at least taste like I was smoking tobacco and not dirty cardboard.
  3. This my current jam, I'm sure this place will love it ?
  4. There's definitely a style I like, kind of a classic Vegas flair. My favorite packing are My Father Le Bijou and the black Partagas jar. Just love the colors and certain amount of highfalutin it suggests. I think it's the gold that pops I like. The rest if my life is pretty normal, so my cigars at least need to make me feel rich!
  5. I might get beat up for bringing up a NC, but the Fuente OpusX D'chateau had a very prominent tea note at the front end. My friend and I couldn't quote place it and eventually looked up some reviews and the descriptor of tea leaf was spot on. Wasnt grass or hay, it was a bit sweeter and softer.
  6. Pretty awesome setups in here! I am thinking about getting a curio style cabinet and holding individual humidor in there. But for now I use a 1933 Frigidaire I restored with an oasis plugged in, and discovered in desperation that glass hocking jars with a boveda pack are wonderful at keeping humidity. Have 6 of the jars for now
  7. Wow, thanks everyone for putting so much thought into the responses! A lot of great feedback we appreciate. Looks like we should keep a notebook of what we smoke and how they are as we go through everything. I know I sure as hell would get everything mixed up.The other thing I am not used to as a NC smoker is buying boxes exclusively. I do quite the opposite with NC because there are so many I'd like to sample but it looks like I won't get the full value of habanos if I don't buy boxes and sample as I go. I really do appreciate the feedback, especially the common thread of buying a boat load and smoking them as they age!
  8. Hi all, a couple close friends and myself have started collecting CC over the past year or so and are a bit hung up on the whole aging thing. I see in the 24:24 sometimes they need a few years and sometimes they just need to get friendly with the humi. Do you have a couple sticks you like smoking young and a couple that you insist on putting away for x years? Curious what your experience has shown you!

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