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  1. Same boat. Grew up here and moved back a couple years ago but same area
  2. Agree with the list above. The Gran Quixote Belux Regional (one of the singles in question) is excellent. Big fan. I have had plenty of LEs that didn't wow me, but the Topes and Talisman are both the detour from regular production IMO. Broadly speaking, I love exploring regionals as they tend to be a way to get vitolas otherwise not available, and there are some marcas that perform very well in the RE category with very limited (or virtually no) offerings in the regular production category. LGC, RG, and Sancho are definitely in that category, and I have had incredible luck with the quality of Punch's regional offerings. Especially if you can get singles, I say why not?!
  3. Definitely different from the traditional Cohiba profile, but I really enjoy them. I find the Genios to be decent but a bit muddled. I love the Secretos. Construction, flavor, nuance all much better than the Genios for me. Powerhouses young, but complex with a few years. I'd give a Secretos a try if you can before closing the door on the whole Cohiba Maduro line.
  4. I’ve never had the problem until a friend shipped me some stuff recently. Well packed but i was in the Midwest here in the US and it’s been a brutal summer. I assume the high heat and humidity fluctuations made them more fragile. Smoke great though so I can’t complain. Didn’t worry about repairing. I’ve never had a problem outside of that with singles or slb
  5. Cohiba Siglo I box code TOR DIC 16 thanks to @MigsG. Forgot to take a picture before smoking it. Delicious stick. All the good things about Cohiba: lemongrass and hay, strong smoke production, almost an hour for the little guy. Nubbed it. Would definitely buy a box!
  6. Sorry to hear it man. Hang in there. Wishing you all the best.
  7. I at one point had a burr grinder, roasted at home, paid careful attention to water temperature, etc. Nothing on the level of your friend, but even what I was doing just wasn't sustainable for me. I love the fruity flavors that come from light roasted Ethiopian coffee that's not been sitting around for too long. There are plenty of great coffee places where I live that now handle all that hard work for me if I feel my nespresso isn't cutting it. But great to have a friend like that! Nice to reap the rewards of someone else's passion
  8. Love them. Favorite cigar for a quicker smoke. Fan of the marca in general, but I consider reyes an awesome value. Do great with some age if you have time / patience.
  9. Agreed all around. If there is a real allergy, it seems chatting with a dr. about what might be safe would be a good idea. Spanish cedar is indeed part of the mahogany family, so I'm curious to know if that's an allergy as well. Re: spanish cedar flavor, plenty of folks store sticks outside of boxes if that's your preference - plastic bags inside of tupperdors or coolerdors is fairly common, and there are many threads about that on the forum. I haven't personally tried to avoid spanish cedar, so can't really speak to how long it might take to have that wear off, but presumably on young sticks, they have not taken on much flavor from wood contact. As far as non-woodsy sticks go, I find most montecristos to have predominant flavors of cocoa. Something milder like Fonseca tends to be fairly floral in taste. Cohiba's vitolas typically exhibit some hay, citrus, honey for me. But that's what I get out of them. Perhaps consider getting a sampler from the international store so you can try a wide range of marcas and see what suits her tastes before buying larger quantities to age. It's a nice and cost effective way to try a huge array of flavor profiles. Good luck, and welcome!
  10. @MD Puffer that's a serious maneuver to try and get back on track! Hope it went well. I don't really understand criticism of "sleep hygiene". I think good sleep practices are part of a healthy regimen (including diet, fitness, all that good stuff), and are a really smart preventative measure for more serious health conditions (to avoid medication, chronic dr. visits, etc.). I too have a young child and a hectic job. I try to stay regimented, but if I'm filming nights on a project or the little one is teething or whatever, things inevitably get thrown into disarray. To try and avoid insomnia with an ever-changing schedule, I craft a consistent pre-bed routine (whenever that happens to be). It includes the usual floss, brush teeth, other hygiene stuff, and also includes some reading and meditation. I take melatonin, but to avoid the groggy feeling in the AM, I take it several hours before I go to sleep. There is nothing worse than being exhausted and finally getting a chance to sleep, but not being able to. Happens to the best of us. Sounds like outside of the siglo you enjoyed the smokes at least. Hope you are back on track.
  11. In my experience, most any tangible asset is insurable and it's up to everyone's personal preferences as to what is worth the cost and hassle to do so. I have separate itemized policies for art and jewelry, but my cigars simply fall under my home owner's policy. If my collection grows to a certain value, I will most likely itemize it under a separate policy. I do catalogue and inventory them, not for insurance purposes, but it's nice to have for that case as well. It's my understanding that it's not illegal to own Cuban cigars in the United States. Many people on this forum take them through customs, declare them, and have no issues. You are not allowed to buy or sell them in the U.S., but current rules seem that the actual ownership of the cigars is not an issue. I've never had to prove provenance of any insured item, simply ownership / possession of it. I can't speak to the nuance of what an insurance company might go through to try and get out of a claim, but in my experience, I've simply sent proof of damage for any insured item and used reasonable market comps to establish fair market value for my claim. I assume cigars would be handled in the same way.
  12. I have gone down a similar path. Bought a bunch of boxes. As others have said there isn’t much out there that won’t come up again. And better to save up for those boxes instead of buying a bunch of random stuff you may or may not like and not having the cash when a great opportunity comes up. I now buy singles to keep me out of my aging stash and only buy boxes that I know are a home run.

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