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  1. 1. The Big Lebowski 2. V for Vendetta 3. The Cruise 4. Casablanca 5. Caddyshack
  2. I, too, wear a shorter inseam (5"). Far easier to bike in, IMO. And I'm not about to sport those spandex biker shorts...
  3. Local news is reporting a case in Oregon (rumored to be a suburb of PDX), but not yet confirmed by the CDC. I would expect to see an email from management encouraging folks to work from home. Life goes on for me. Headed back out to the coast tomorrow morning to camp next to the beach (and hopefully smoke a cigar or two)!
  4. You'll have to tell us how you like the bag. Where are you headed?
  5. I, too, dislike the hip belt. Couple options: 1. Loosen straps all the way and clip them together on the front of the bag. 2. Loosen straps, clip them together and then put the bag on.
  6. Another vote for the Farpoint 40. I've taken mine all over SE Asia, western Europe, Mexico and the US. It's not a perfect bag, but given availability, price and warranty I haven't found anything that beats it (yet). edit: worth noting this isn't waterproof and I don't believe it's water resistant. I've found that if I'm worried about something getting wet I'll wrap it in heavy duty plastic bag and place it inside the bag. The bag is fairly sturdy, so I wouldn't worry about punctures/rips. This will fit as a carry on on nearly any wide body aircraft. The only time fit has been questionable is with smaller regional jets and turbo props, but I've still managed to shove it under my seat without issue.
  7. What? I had no idea! Can you point me to any additional info? edit: i just found this thread: PL MCs & Panetelas 86'd?
  8. 5 days off the clock in Mexico with a couple friends - always grabbing a stick whenever I head out (either SCDH El Principe or PL Panetela). It went a little something like this: wake up whenever start the day off with a margarita or pina colada venture out for fish tacos seek out a (mostly) deserted beach walk along the malecon to watch the sunset more fish tacos mescal, a couple mexican lagers, and then more mescal sleep repeat
  9. I always appreciate your shots, with what I assume is HKG in the background (I'm a bit of an aviation fan). Passed through on my way back from Thailand late last year.

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