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  1. We've had our moments, but at the end of the day we're lucky to have each other. This is my 4th week of WFH, and she was laid off middle of week 2 (she was WFH also). She's taking it like champ and I'm making sure she has breakfast in bed when it's feasible with my morning meeting schedule. Any issues we settle via Mario Kart 64.
  2. Clover Club: 2 oz Gin .5 oz lemon juice .5 oz raspberry simple (make simple, add frozen raspberries, strain) .25 oz egg white Dry shake (or reverse dry shake), strain into coupe, enjoy! Runner-up: Pina Colada Everyday cocktail: Old Fashioned
  3. ebbs and flows winter: not much unless I'm traveling somewhere warm. fall/spring/summer: 1x every couple weeks. more if i'm camping/backpacking. WFH + nice weather had me smoking almost daily until the rain showed back up.
  4. Early last week the company I work for announced global office closures thru the end of March (now extended to mid April). This meant a transition to WFH for roughly 1200 employees who were used to working from an office everyday. While everyone has a laptop, it's been interesting as folks have varying level of technical expertise.

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