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  1. This thing had so many boxes it was like a Russian doll. Pretty cool pick up but like CC LE’s not sure if it’s worth $50 a stick but most of that is in the packaging.
  2. Realistically it’s a 6 or 7/10 but I love it. I enjoy watching it from time to time. Maybe it’s nostalgia but it’s a classic for me.
  3. Reminds me of the movie ‘Unforgiven” when Little Bill propped Morgan Freeman up outside the saloon…..
  4. I bought the 21 N3 which have been fantastic, but no 2021 N1’s for me. Since I have no reference I have not voted but I have 2 bundles of the 2019 N1’s which I initially loved but have been bitter in then second half for a year now. Maybe not related but some feedback either way.
  5. Not confident at all especially if the NC’s are attempting to replicate the CC taste. I can’t wait to see the results!
  6. This is one of my favorite sticks and the price point is superb. Thanks for the review.
  7. Living in the states particularly Montana ranch dressing is the go to, but I reach for the malt vinegar when it’s an option. When I was in Washington tartar sauce was a bigger deal locally for chips/fries. Love malt vinegar on the fish too. Blasphemy????
  8. That almost made a grown man cry. I have a new air and while I never had that type of water damage I started sprouting some mold in the drawers, I assume from unit being over-filled forcing all the air from the fan into the single drawers. I unplugged the unit and have never had an issue or looked back. My issue was different than yours but lots of stories out there about water pooling in wineadors. Best of luck on the rest of the sticks.
  9. It was probably 6-8 weeks for me. Taste came back after about 3 weeks but smell took longer and that is really what affected cigars for me. It was odd to me that food tasted normal quickly but the sense of smell was much more important than taste in terms of cigars. I retrohale some but not much….so it wasn’t just that going on.

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