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  1. I have encountered more burn issues than before with recent Warped... And their young cigars appear to be stronger and less fermented. Sad to see one of my fav NC brands doing like this.
  2. I may not have smoked that many aged PLs to come to a complete cognition so I dunno. They smoke young and good to me though.
  3. I'd say those who require less aging are mostly small-sized and mild-medium bodied cigars. Based on this logic, most Por Larranagas are what you are looking for.
  4. DON'Ts: Measuring this and that. Overthinking RH and temperture. It's OK if you feel bored and want something to think about in your mind. But they do nothing more to better your smoking experience. DOs: Put in enough Bovedas, seal the container tight, and age longer than last time. Simple as that.
  5. 100% agreed. If D4 is my daily smoke, then E2 is for weekend.
  6. Cazadores may be the fullest regular RyJ lol. I'd recommend their Ex.4 and Churchill for most classic RyJ characters. As for Hoyo, EE, San Juan, DC and Seco all satisfy me, a heavy taste bastard.
  7. Get your lighter bodied exploration started with Hoyo and RyJ, please.
  8. Your background and smoke choices are very alike to mine. May I ask where are your originally from? I just started learning wines this year. Now loving Italy (Amarone and Barolo to be exactly), and in this way, I will settle in France (maybe Burgundy?) finally? I am one year older than you and we are 100% on the same boat now. I had mostly NC stock but stopped buying them. Building up my Cuban inventory from last year. So, posting up this thread means I am already on the way to maturity? lol
  9. I have many show pony smokers around me so I had the chances to try out the different new bands of high end Fuentes. Mostly overpriced, which makes regular OpusX a good bargain LOL! If OpusX and Padron are the same price, I'd still go for Padron. Simply because I personally prefer heavier flavors.
  10. Myself is a millennial and I love smoking different new cigars, so in other words, I like smoking NCs. And I used to smoke the fullest and strongest ones. But as my age/smkoing age grows, I am more settled into CCs and milder ones. I jumped into this hobby at the age of 18 and it took me 6 years to realize this transition. Most of my fellow young aficionados are the same from my observation. So I started pondering is there a relationship bewteen age and smoke choices? I assumed a few common changes, from young to old: NCs - CCs Boutique brands (eg Illusione) - major manufacturer (eg Padron) Stronger brands (eg Liga Privada) - milder brands (eg Fuente) Fancy brands (eg Cohiba) - regular brands (eg Partagas) Young cigars - aged cigars Do you agree or disagree? Why?
  11. Well. I 100% respect that you're a Fuente fan. These two divisions among NC smokers are both significant. I actually like a lot Fuentes as well, although don't think OpusX lives up to the hype. But speaking of value, I can't agree. For most OpusX, they're more than 20 USD and I don't even have enough chances to buy them (living outside the states). And for most Padron higer end stuff like 1964 & 1926, I can easily find them under 20 USD from online retailers. Family Reserve series may reach 30 USD but on average they're definitely cheaper. Oliva is a big manufacturer in the industry, but its quality cannot be compared with previous two. I do recommend their Small Batch series and V series though. Worth smoking and aging. God of Fire are more of a marketing success, which I dislike. Aged leaf, good rolling work and fancy package are not wrong, but I won't pay the premium while taste isn't amazing. Oh BTW they are like OpusX in many ways, so both are not amazing IMO.

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