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  1. Alejandro has it going on! Fantastic Puntilla. Flavors remind me of a 3 y/o PLPC. Burn/draw is flawless.
  2. That second best advice is priceless. I have some Alex coming back later this week. A fine stick that young man can twist. The premium paid vs. the cost of my own travels is peanuts as well.
  3. When you have a breakdown at work with 45,000 sq ft of non-smoking area to yourself. Well....
  4. I don’t smoke often during Winter but a custom Alex Behije 52 hit the spot today.
  5. I’ll probably keep purchases to what has smoked best for me this year. Cohiba is out on value alone. So.... Punch Punch Monte 4 Choix Sup’s I’ve found the above to need minimal downtime to provide a very enjoyable smoke. Until they prove unreliable.....
  6. Thanksgiving festivities, OVER! Time to chill with a little CoRo.
  7. Way to busy to enjoy in over a week! Grabbing a quickie before heading out to Round 1 of Thanksgiving festivities.
  8. Note to self: Take shower with cigar prior to smoking.
  9. I'm guessing that it represents whatever % of weight it is of the cigar. Add maybe a few percent because it's a direct contact point. Flavors would be a different topic.
  10. I need that stand in my life. Can I ask where you got it?
  11. I’ve used Savoy. The may err on some cosmetic details but they’ve proved to be reliable.
  12. They don’t make this easier anymore but a Monte 4 make it not matter as much.
  13. I like those that don’t need a chainsaw to get off.
  14. Long day of maintenance’n sure makes a good ice water and a BoRo go down. It’s thick water too. Notice how it’s staying in the glass that’s on its side.
  15. You get started and then you wake up one day. And it has happened.
  16. It was. I think that perhaps they’ve reached a sick period. I can’t come up another reason. Construction and draw were perfect but I literally tossed this at halfway it was so bad.
  17. April 2016, IV. Not to be revisisted for at least 6 months. ?

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