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  1. I have a modest collection of 600 cigars, about 3 years' supply based on my average consumption of 4 a week. I'm aiming for a collection of 1000-1200, which will test the limits of both my storage and SWMBO.
  2. Had my 1st shot with the Pfizer vaccine with the second due in early April. I'm in my 40s and not vulnerable but I often work in hospitals and doctors' surgeries so I was bumped up the list. Arm is a bit sore and I've felt a bit run down today but that may be due to the rum I had last night. Sadly it doesn't appear to have given me any superpowers.
  3. Looks like my first purchase of the year was a good one, can't wait for them to arrive!
  4. I've always been mystified why RyJ has at least 4 marevas in their lineup while Upmann, Diplo, JL etc have all had theirs discontinued. I've always thought that a Petit Corona defines a brand, and that every brand should have one.
  5. Spot-on review. Pretty much toasted tobacco with a hint of sweetness is how I'd describe them, but despite their lack of complexity I would always recommend them, you can't go wrong for the price.
  6. My one and only beetle outbreak was with a box brought back from Cuba. Had to freeze my entire collection as a precaution and anything I bring back in future will be frozen as soon as I return home. I don't think it's worth it for anything supplied by international distributors, HSA's export freezers seem to be doing their job.
  7. Must be a rule specific to Germany. My partner recently left her job as a flight attendant and they have always had the full allowance on every trip; i.e. 1 litre of spirits and either 200 cigarrettes or 50 cigars. Of course that was only available when she flew to non-EU destinations, usually Switzerland, Jersey, Turkey, North Africa etc.
  8. What a strange list, full of long discontinued vitolas and SKUs.
  9. Nat Sherman in Manhattan is closing soon, I wonder what's going to happen to the one standing outside.
  10. Does this mean I'll never get to spend the 20 CUCs I found in the pocket of my shorts after my last trip?
  11. I was recently gifted a sampler box of various NC Montecristo, Upmann and RyJ Toros. I started smoking them with the lowest of expectations but I've been pleasantly surprised. If I had to be critical they have been a little one-dimensional and the draw has been quite loose.
  12. It'll be something that's reacted with the copper in the band.
  13. For anyone in the UK I recommend these: I left some scrunched up newspaper sheets inside for a week which got rid of the plastic smell. For humidification I use four 65% Bovedas, I'm using the same ones I put in there three years ago and they've barely lost any weight which tells me that the box is keeping a good seal.
  14. Happy St Patrick's Day, and a reminder that he was a Welshman! Sláinte!
  15. I'm fond of JLPCs as they was amongst the first CCs I smoked . I still have 18 left from a 2014 box, the year they were discontinued, but I know that once they are gone I'm unlikely to ever smoke one again.
  16. It's also worth having a few CUCs in your pocket should you need to grease some palms. Yes it's wrong but that's the way a lot of things work in Cuba and it's a small price to pay to avoid hassle and potentially losing your haul.
  17. I froze my entire collection after a beetle outbreak in a box I brought back from Cuba. I didn't bother with the fridge, just wrapped the boxes with film and put them into the freezer for 24 hours at -18C/0F. Leaving them in longer than that is unnecessary as everything should be dead in less than 8 hours at that temperature. Cigars came out just as good as they went in. Just make sure they are back up to room temperature before unwrapping to prevent condensation.
  18. On the bright side, the pound is up over 2.5% vs USD. That of course, means cheaper cigars from our host. Every cloud..
  19. Ruined it for me too. I've always believed the arrival of a case of Behikes would look something like this:
  20. It's a slightly smaller Connie A for a lot less money. I don't think I've had a bad one.
  21. My nerves are shot after that. I knew the Aussies were going to come back at us but I didn't think they would run us that close.
  22. The cigars at the airport duty free is also stocked by Stagnettos. Obviously not a great selection but useful if you want to pick up a few extras on the way out. Gibraltar also has the cheapest Cuban rum I've ever seen, even cheaper than in Cuba!
  23. I've stayed in a couple of Cuban resorts that have sold fakes from open boxes. Can be avoided if you buy unopened boxes, cartons or 3-packs of tubos.
  24. I'm coming to the end of a box of ETU Sep 15. Great looking and well constructed but not one has been memorable in the slightest. If anything, they were better when they were less than a year old.

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