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  1. Thanks for sharing nKostyan - the person who signed yours has slightly better handwriting than my signer! Awesome recommendation ... thanks for the help!
  2. Not sure why the images are showing rotated 90 degrees ... that's not how they looked on my end. I feel like a lot of people are going to look as though they are suffering from Taco Neck Syndrome today trying to view these pictures ?
  3. I spoke to a few people about this and they all suggested I post the brief story and images here. Last September I bought a few boxes from a "cracking" offer on here. One of the boxes was a Bolivar Belicos Fino ... my personal favorite habano. I let them rest and started to break into them over the past month (Side note - I believe the box had a 2017 year marking) The sticks have been great with that signature Bolivar flavor so many enjoy...speaking of signature, I removed the band as it was becoming loose and found a secret message ? I was smoking with a buddy and we both thought it looked like someone's signature "A... G... II" Of course there's no way to be sure what it really says but I will say in all my years of smoking, I've never seen a signed band/note on a cigar and thought it was pretty neat. Anyone else seen this before on one of your cigars??

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