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  1. Thanks , great info. I talked to a local travel company and they had no idea on how travel would be affected. Guess ill just have to play it by ear. Just didnt want to pull the trigger on tickets and be unp the river in December.
  2. Been looking to see if anyone has posted about the news of travel restrictions? Didnt see anything. Just if anyone has been following it. Might have to change out Dec vacation plans, if it becomes a huge hassle.
  3. Right down the road from me...we are planning for the end of October/beginning of Nov. And one thing Ive been trying to read up on is the best way to ship back to the states. Art, kitchenware, ect...
  4. Wow...awesome write up. Anyway he mentioned if he shipped the art back prior to flying?
  5. Hellava snag. Could have happened to anyone going thru...
  6. Box was waiting at the house and some split showed up.
  7. I travel a bunch for work too...Mainly ID and WA, but i try to make it home as much as possible. I grew up in Belgrade and love it over there. NACHO! Thanks!
  8. Thanks James...I knew you would be around these parts. Sounds like a plan. You close to the Flathead?
  9. Thought I should probably stop lurking and start being active... Live outside of W. Glacier with the kids, entirely too many animals. Into cigars for the last 5-6 years and CCs the past 2 or so. The better half has been pushing for a vacation to Cuba the past year and the travel section has been amazing so far. The amount info is awesome and I feel like I've barely scratched the surface...Glad to see a bunch of familiar faces here. Regards Aaron

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