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  1. "I hate being bipolar, it's awesome!" - story of my life!
  2. You would think hanging around Ken all this time he would learn something about wine!
  3. Summer: Cohiba Robusto Winter: Cobiha Robusto I don't own anything else
  4. I thought doctors didn't link tobacco to harmful effects on the body until the mid 1900's.. his doctors must have been time travellers
  5. Nah I bought that light machine from a certain celeb cook and it's cured me of the plague.
  6. Don't wear anything too flashy or expensive, you don't want to have to fight bubba for them when you get inside. A cheap pair of Dunlop Volley's are a good choice.
  7. Thank you It's been a huge challenge and quite the learning curve. Only downside is I can't drink booze anymore No problems with the cigars though thankfully Funny story about the booze. I was down at the F1 with dad and had a Mojito - after walking around the F1 all day I had quite the thirst. Anyway half way down the glass I looked up at dad and said I wasn't feeling well and a few minutes later was just about passed out in my salad. Turns out a side effect of the surgery is a wildly increased absorption of alcohol (which I didn't know!). Anyway dad carried me up to the room and dumped me on the bed and went back down to finish dinner. Worst. Hangover. Ever. First and last time I have consumed alcohol since the surgery! I look at my collection of scotch and cry sometimes.
  8. Well according to my horoscopes I should be a millionaire, be in an intense romantic relationship, and have shed all my psychological problems.... hasn't happened yet so it can't be #4.
  9. Hi @BTWheezy it's literal. The Israel National trail stretches from the southern most point of Israel at Eliat near the Sinai/Israel border up to Dan in the north near the Lebanon border. Depending on how fast you go you'll spend about 28 days in the Nagev desert and another 28-35 days in the northern part of Israel. The Nagev portion is the trickiest as you have to carry around 5-7L of water per day and anywhere up to 7 days of food at a time.
  10. I know I'm bumping a long quiet thread but I wanted to add a status update. My current weight loss is around 70kg. I've steadied out at my current weight but I'm about to take my exercise up a notch with more intense gym workouts and some intense waking sessions. I have set a goal to walk the length of Israel from south to north which is close to 1,100km. I've still got a way to go before I get there though.
  11. Hi I'm not new but coming back from a long absence. I haven't really spoken to anyone since I was at the last Havanathon A lot of ups and downs in my life! Some mental and physical challenges, some time in hospital.... Hopefully some remember me and we can catch up! I'm looking forward to it! Maybe even come along to a Sydney meet if they still happen Cheers, Michael.

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