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  1. Question: does anyone have an email address for the LCDH in Sint Maarten/Saint Martin?

    Issue: I'm taking a cruise in which we are scheduled to visit St. Kitts the day before we get to Saint Martin.  I would much rather support the Saint Martin store since the owner is still recovering from the hurricane. However, I would like to ensure that she has the box that I want. I don't want to pass up potentially getting the box at the St. Kitts LCDH only to find that it is not available at the Saint Martin LCDH.


    I really tried to google the answer before posting but could not find an answer. Also, the habanos website map is not cooperating at the moment. I'd appreciate any and all assistance!

  2. Good Morning Everyone,

    I have been seriously smoking and collecting Cuban Cigars for a little over a year now.  In that time I have been to LCDH's in Havana, Peru, Brazil and Cozumel in order to keep feeding my passion for these wonderful smokes!  See below for what is in my current tupperdor.


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