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  1. Such an underrated place. I spent 6 nights/7 days there in 2013 and I constantly think about going back. The Boundary Waters are a really special place, unlike anywhere else I've been so far.
  2. I use Boveda packs. They make them in different sizes and humidity levels. I have 3 of the 320gram 65% ones in my cooler and it holds steady at 65. https://store.bovedainc.com/collections/boveda-for-tobacco
  3. As a struggling fly fisherman who enjoys cigars, I could use your help. You got a link to a site you can PM me?
  4. This is my experience as well. I like peaty and smoky scotches, which tend to be too similar in flavor. Macallan tends to be the best fit for me if I am having a scotch with a cigar. Otherwise root beer, ginger ale, and coffee are my drinks of choice.
  5. Looks nice. You must be the Dallas Craigslist king with all the deals you find on there.
  6. I haven't had any serious breaks, still getting into this hobby. This is the stage I am in. Baby goes to sleep, can't leave the house, have to get up too early to drink during the week so a cigar it is.
  7. I've worked remote since 2014. In that time I've used Skype, Hangouts, Zoom, and Teams. Hangouts was the easiest to use, but also had more technical issues. Zoom has worked well and aside from privacy issues is my top pick. In my line of work two people can get most things done in 30 min. Four people, if you can stay on topic, 30 min. Realistically 45 - 60 min, depending on how chatty the group is. Thankfully Slack can help cut down on meetings, if you create dedicated channels by project or topic.
  8. Also, dude, cigar Indian is not the preferred nomenclature. Cigar Native-American, please. Asking $600 and got it for $100, you must be the guy that answers all my Craigslist for sale ads.
  9. I'd hold on to that. Then again if the Hulk prices break $40k...
  10. Those people are still paying admission though. i doubt a museum cares if you stare at art, other people, or a urinal as long as they get $.
  11. Why would you not want to encourage that attire at a museum?
  12. I am still relatively new to the Cuban cigar game, but the one cigar I really noticed a lack of age was a recent coro from July 19. It was really good, but occasionally a puff here and there was harsh and kind of bitter. I think another 1-2 years and these will all be great.
  13. Director of Marketing, I have roughly around 300 cigars right now and about 90% Cuban.
  14. I have one Behike 52 I am saving for a nice occasion, everything else is fair game as soon as they are rested.

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