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  1. @customsbyderek on Instagram made me this beautiful “trunk” Humidor last year. It was a very collaborative and fun project where we settled on Spanish cedar with walnut burl veneer and ebony inlay. Pictures don’t do it justice.. I find myself admiring the humidor more than the cigars inside most times.
  2. I buy from a local butcher in Dallas where cuts and quality of meat are fantastic and locally sourced. For reference, I spent $100 on a 3lb tomahawk for New Years but I’m unaware of the historical price/pound for this cut. Filet and ribeye prices have increased since early 2020 but nothing to the extent of it being cost prohibitive.
  3. Each 2020 magnum 54 I’ve had has been absolutely fantastic. Definitely recommend to those who have been on the fence.
  4. I purchased four boxes with 2020 codes and they’ve been smoking brilliantly.
  5. The Match, as listed above, is a no brainer. If you wish for pure wisdom, I can't think of a better book than Harvey Penick's Little Red Book. If you're interested in golf course architecture, I would pick up Tom Doak's book, The Anatomy of a Golf Course.
  6. 1. France (Paris and the Cote d'Azur) 2. Carmel, CA 3. Italy (Santorini, Venice, Tuscany) 4. Cabo 5. Spain
  7. Currently on the hunt for the discontinued Davidoff Classic no 2 due to sentimental reasons. It was the first cigar I ever had when I turned 18 and I can't find any in stock (mostly signatures labeled classic). If anyone has a lead, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  8. I have a similar crack at the foot of a BHK 56 that I was hoping to repair. I'd prefer to not touch it but if the goal is long term aging, probably best to apply some glue to mitigate any further damage.
  9. I live in Dallas and echo a ton of what Eldude and others have said but can't stress enough how humid Houston is. It's worth mentioning is that Houston's massive compared to Dallas. I go for work quite a bit and I never seem to know what part of Houston I'm in. For comparison, I live close to downtown Dallas and it's never more than a 15 minute drive wherever I need to go. Additionally, the taxes are quite high in Dallas, but it reflects in the overall quality and upkeep of public land and roads. Unfortunately, the high tax does not equate to a solid public school system and private is typically the route families take if they live inside the suburbs. I'm not quite sure what taxes are in Houston, but the overall quality of the city doesn't seem to compare to DFW. As for restaurants, the food scene in Dallas has exploded over the past five years. New trendy restaurants are opening in and around Uptown every month it seems.
  10. Just to be certain, these will pop up in the shop with no warning? Will they appear in 24 or in the regular store? Need to know where I’ll be spamming f5 next week
  11. I do think the Clowney comparisons ESPN showed are unfair. He’ll be far superior as a pass rusher. Tyron Smith long term doesn’t give me confidence in containing Young on the left side, but our line overall with Zeke’s pass blocking should be able contain him and the Redskins. Hopefully y’all don’t find a competent QB any time soon!

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