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  1. Montecristo No 4 on my front porch on a rainy day, looking for new recipes in 2 impressive cookbooks. First is my direct scene, second is the view from my seat and the third is the view yesterday after I mowed my lawn for the first time this season. Vegetation is coming to life around here and I couldn’t be happier for it.
  2. Montecristo No 4 SUE FEB 2015 My first, and it’s a nice relaxing smoke while doing some work.
  3. Here’s mine. Same bike but I have two tanks and seats that I occasionally swap between. It’s a 2004 Triumph Bonneville that I’ve had for around 8 years. Made a lot of customizations over the years.
  4. H Upman Half Corona. Moved into a new house last summer and just this week did I finally install a gate for the patio to keep the dogs in and picked up an outdoor sectional couch. 65 in the Chicago area and life is good with my 2 French Bulldogs.
  5. I’m sorry to hear about Murph, but it sounds like he had one hell of a career. In October I had to put down my dog of 12 years, so I can relate. It’s sad that dogs have short lives, but they leave us with great memories.
  6. Had a NC in my humidor I felt like enjoying on this 62F Chicago day - Warped La Hacienda. Scene: backyard hammock with my French Bulldog named Peppa. Tasty cigar - nice dried fruit coming through for me.
  7. Looks awesome. 2 things - what is the Umai bag, and where'd you source the big ol' steak?
  8. Enjoying a San Cristobal De La Habana La Fuerza from @Nekhyludov while living that work from home life on my front porch - slippers and all. TOS SEP 16
  9. There’s a pipe maker who carves some amazing shapes out of briar. I see his work on Reddit. Here’s an example:
  10. I just placed my third order, and the first was just last week! I appreciate the descriptions of each cigar and I truly don’t think I’ve read any complaints with this site. I’m new yet, and look forward to getting to know more users and possibly travel to Cuba within the year. I imagine you’ll be glad you found the site - I sure am.
  11. bierz

    Amazing night

    I’m looking at old posts in the food forum and this meal looks great. What was the steak house? I’m near Chicago myself.
  12. Damn is this an outfoor tv setup? If yes, consider myself quite jealous!
  13. Wanted something small and quick, as it’s about 40F here in Chicago. Por Larranga Panetelas fit the bill for a back porch smoke. Not a very interesting smoke right now to be honest. My 10 month old French Bulldog Norman is keeping me company.
  14. Very cool. Yeah I love making things. I also moved into a house recently, July of last year. It was built around 1906 but had been updated quite a bit in 2013. I had an electrician friend add a subpanel in the basement and I blocked off half of it for my wood shop. Like you, I'm working on dust collection. I have a Laguna P-Flux in parts now, assembly underway. Very cool that you're getting a nice collection of tools off the bat. I have all of those myself but want to upgrade to a Sawstop table saw in the near(ish) future. I'm pretty new to cigars but I've been enjoying RASS and Trinidad Reyes as enjoyable yet not horribly expensive smokes to learn on. It snowed in Chicago last night but should be 70 on Friday. When the warmth is here to stay I look forward to more backyard time enjoying more cigars. Oh - I have some adirondack chairs on my to-build list so I'll have something comfortable to relax on.
  15. The site doesn’t seem to work. Can you provide a link please?

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