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  1. I just went through Oslo airport. Last week, maybe three boxes. I bought some Churchill tubos. Now, boxes and full of cohiba threepacks and sig 1&2 boxes. Esplendidos for about 115 dollar for a three pack. I grabbed them all. At the registrer the price was double 😭. They just got the new prices. Tried a three pack coros, from 60 to 160 dollars. More or less. Manage to get a box of mag 46 for the old price 280, new was 300. So, if you dont by cohiba you will be allright. Hope I did not break any rules.
  2. ROTT. Box date 19. Frist media luna for me, stronger than the topes and esmeralda.
  3. First cigar in 2022 and for while. Esmerald from end of 2019. These burn rather quickly or is it just me?
  4. I think lower humidity helps older cigars (the humifity destroyes the wrapper) and then running the cigar under the tap before smoking.
  5. The capuletos is not bad but I prefer the propios. Although the price is ridiculous.
  6. Habanos Day 2016 in Germany offered up the opportunity for an unconventional tasting. Over a period of two years, 150 sticks of the Partagás Serie D No. 4 with a boxing date of 2013 were stored under varying conditions.
  7. No, I am not saying this is the straw and I am not saying that the vaccine is a bad thing, I will take it when given the chance. But I understand the scepticism given that the there is no way to know the long term consequences of the vaccine. I know nothing about the history of US law or any other countries law so I cannot comment on that. I am saying that it is wrong of employers to demand that a person should put anything into their bodies. In my mind an employer can only demand that an employee does his job, at the same time they should be able to hire/fire anyone. But let’s say that employers can demand proof vaccination and wish to check an employee. Here comes the digital covid passport which I believe will lead to a digital social credit system like the one China has. I think the social credit system will come at our own request and that the growing fear in our societies will be the reason for it. Be that fear of terrorism, crime, disease, climate or something else. In the end it is all a fear of death that we as a civilization (the West) or a culture cannot handle anymore and will do anything to not face up to.
  8. You put your finger on the main thing. The common ground is hard to see and to be honest I think it is going. We live in the afterglow of Christianity, when the glow dies out there will be no great idea or thought that holds us together.
  9. If the public sector demands the vaccine for travel etc depending on country and if the private sector demands it for work and patronizing, you cannot say the vaccine is not mandatory. To be able to function as before the pandemic you are forced to take the vaccine. The definition of the totalitarian state is that all of life becomes politics. This is just one step in that direction in what used to be the free west. Good or bad, that is a reality. Look at what you could say in comments 10-15 years ago, today you could be arrested in some countries for being rude in your internet comments.
  10. This sets a president. What will we do when the next disease comes? or the next problem that will end the world? Give up your freedoms and rights in the name of security and liberalism. Like Churchill said:The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists
  11. This poll shows that totalitarianism will come at our own request. Fear will make us less free and we will welcome our chains as they give us a sense of security.
  12. Celebrating the sale of my apartment in the capital city and it hits me that alot of the new cigars are montesco, especialy the regionals. I used to not mind a large RG but maybe my tastes are changing. Anyway, great cigar and it is becoming powerful now in the last third.
  13. Great question. I think they are long filler and the same vitola as the punch EL 2017. I have not smoked them but would love to hear what people think.
  14. Birthday smoke at the family summer house and showing off my eight months old to my family. Life is good.
  15. 2017 CoRo from a new box. A lot better than the other 17 box a have.
  16. 2017 CoRo. Started great but lost its way halfway through.
  17. I just read Theodore Dalrympels "Life at the bottom". Well written and very funny at times. Dalrymple worked for years as a doctor in an inner city area and in a prison, he writes about the british underclass, why it continues and the unintended effects of liberal politics.
  18. Purchased in 2018, and this was the last one and the best one.
  19. A celebratory stick. A 52 from 2018. Very spicy and quite powerful. I didnt get the usual cohiba flavor and the draw was too loose but great nontheless.
  20. Vigia from 2017 and this was the first stick from the box. Very dark and oily wrapper and they need more time, for sure. The pig tail worked great.

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