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  1. 11 hours ago, Islandboy said:

    Transition to the final third started with a change to sharp cedar, luckily brief. Sweetness returned...it’s definitely a flavor profile I’ve experienced, though probably not in this vitola as PC’s are not really my thing. 

    All I can say is this cigar almost makes up for the putrid experience I had with #2...almost. 


    great review thanks,

    but man I had a great experience with #2 cigar. I was either really lucky or I have a special taste for dog rockets I guess haha.

  2. I am so torn with this cigar. mine has a slight box press as others have mentioned which doesn't seem to coincide with the flavours I am tasting. I've smoke three petit corona that were box pressed and this has a different profile to me. Cream and nuts with a pleasant rich flavour that lingers. Excellent cigar that I'm certain to guess wrong.


    Is it possible a tightly packed bundle could create a mild box press look? 

  3. Damn good cigar despite some tight draw caused by a plug just south of the band. Tons of flavour that I don't have to search for. Though the flavours come easy I find myself smoking it fast as I do search for clues as to what it is. I'm getting alot of the above mentioned sweet cream and a little harshness followed by a very smooth savory second third. The flavours are unlike any of the 4 marcas I have tried in the pyramid format so I'm really in trouble lol. 

    I find myself even more confused as people comment that there are 5 possibilities where I count at least 6 ??? clearly I'm missing something lol 

    Can't wait to find out what it is as I'm likely to pick some up to sit on.

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  4. Be a good person and smoke it with him. As long as the intent is genuine be happy for it just as you should be excited to get a crappy gift from your wife on Christmas morning. Don't ever make somone feel bad after they tried to do something kind. Make them feel good about doing something good. Besides it will help you continue to appreciate better quality cigars. The world these days doesn't have enough "suck it up" left which in my mind is a huge character builder and definately develops appreciation.... Just my 2 cents lol 

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  5. Hey guys I have a friend headed to holguin next month and thought I would try to take advantage. She is doing a cigar factory tour but I couldn't find much info on availability there or even locations of le casa del habano ir other places to pick up a box.


    She will be staying hotel playa costa verde


    Anyone been recently or could even point me in the right direction of info that could help??


    Thanks in advance


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  6. Can anyone link me to a post or explain box codes to me? I see some boxes on 24:24 such as PUS 17 or other codes. I know 17 is the year but what do the three letters represent?

    Second to this question. Why are certain factory codes sought after or even important and notable when the current factory code system is described as always changing. The linked website explains codes can change every month or year, is there some sort of decipher so people know which higher quality factories are associated with certain codes?


    Also what factories are considered better than others?


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