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  1. You ALMOST nailed it that was a great line but .. this one Lived my whole life based on it Have good day. Remember "Sometimes nothing can be a real Cool hand" Rob
  2. Listen to My English/Italian friend and don't worry about what you forgot. Remember these words from a wise man ”When your on vacation, Stay on vacation” Good luck Rob
  3. With the Panasonic 9 you forgot the little ear piece. Used to wear along sleeve short and run the cord through the sleeve so I could listen to the baseball playoff game whenI was in grade school. With Bo you missed when she and I went dancing at the Disco 😎 Rob
  4. Not sure if ours was fake or not in 2016 because I didn't get a chance to have any, everyone kept drinking it as fast as we could pour 😂
  5. Actually with just losing a bottle and at the price I think he got away cheap 😃 Enjoy Life It's The Best Revenge Rob
  6. Easy for me one of my favorite songs. Always reminds me of my oldest daughter when she was very small and she and I would hang out
  7. So what your really saying is the 11 year old will never be the same 😂
  8. I was thinking the same thing! Honestly Rob get back to work or start planning a trip 😉
  9. See you can learn something new everyday ... even if your an old guy
  10. And I have been meaning to tell you the Monkey asked me to represent him and as soon as he corrects his a-fib you will be receiving a letter from us 🤓 Good Luck Rob
  11. So basically I got it right and I am still 100% wrong .... Just like being at home 😂 Thannks Rob
  12. Heck I'm just glad I got into it before the time limit was up, yes that's a first for me 😄 Thanks Rob

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