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  1. UPDATE So I just got back to Oz. Took the punt and smuggled my entire collection undeclared. All good, we are laughing. I got worried when I was pointed to the customs gate and saw line ups at all the scanners, looked like everyone was getting checked, turns out they were just the honest ones. Officer saw my “nothing to declare” card and pointed to door 8. Felt like Leo DiCaprio in the ending of Inception. Celebrated with a PSP D4 on homecoming which was a brilliant smoke btw el prez. Happy days.
  2. Feck alright, might have to hand carry the bastards in. I'll wait till the last minute to decide to check the tobacco box on the landing card. Lordy, Oz is really not a cigar friendly place...
  3. Thanks Prez. Pre-covid I never had issues brining a clutch full for home visits, but this is the whole stash. I think that sounds like the smart move to spread my risk. No doubt I'll be wrapping the aged Hoyo Churchills in dirty underwear and others tucked down my undies and socks. Gosh our customs...
  4. So will be finally moving back home to Australia after an epic 11 years in China. I picked up the fine leisure of enjoying cigars and ended up with a humble collection in that time, about 200 cigars thanks to the lower to none import taxes here and FOH! Of course I want to bring them home with me, so just wondering if anyone has experience going through a similar process? Most likely they will be shipped or is it preferred to carry by hand with me? Did you declare? If so did you pay duty and taxes? How did you estimate the value in AUD? Is it worth the risk/tax?
  5. yeah I smoke on the slow side preferring to "sip" away and not a slobberer, all tip of the lips for me. I might have to try playing around with humidity. My experience has it that bolder or younger cigars are going to burn hotter towards the end, but at least they burn. Maybe I just need to dry box them longer and lower the RH.
  6. I store my cigars in a tupperdore at around 67-68 and dry box them for a week before smoking, I live in a dryish city maybe about 50% humidity. I've been finding that my cigars struggle to stay alight on the final third perfect, loose or tight dray, aged or young. Smoke gets hot on the tongue and generally loses flavour when I try to get it going again. Anyone know why this could be?
  7. Sitting down is preferred but I often smoke when taking out the dog, the problem I find though is walking increases heart rate and rhythmic breathing and I tend to get a bit high from smoking a little faster than usual.
  8. definitely useful for direct consumer feedback especially when you get a box of duds!
  9. used to be my go to cigar, really enjoy them and almond is the dominant flavor profile. Had both light and dark color wrappers, I generally prefer light color wrapper, but for these ones darker is better since they are a light flavored cigars.
  10. generally lighter cigars in the summer and darker fuller ones in the winter, probably more of a biased preconception. I currently live in a city where summer and winter are on extreme ends both in temperature in humidity, when I'm back home in Sydney and I could smoke any cigar anytime. My current go to are: Summer Hoyo Epi de Luxe Winter SLR Reggio
  11. I prefer smoking indoors when I can but it does help to have a bit of ventilation like and open window to keep things fresh in the room. The lingering smell of cigar afterwards adds atmosphere, but never leave extinguished cigars in the room overnight, I throw them out into the garden immediately.
  12. Congratulations on the win. Is the fridge quiet?
  13. Anyone in Paris recently? Just wondering what the current supply of QdO is over there, I saw some social media posts from La Civette they were stocking the RE Capitolios again as well as the new limited eds. Are the coronas available?

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