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  1. China is the biggest Producer for Tobacco Worldwide. They already have Chinese Cigars. I tried. Not bad. But at the Moment not good enough for global selling.
  2. Smoked the Lancero last year. They are NC. Interesting Blend.
  3. Saw some new prices for Cuba. Monte No.2 18$ Partagas No.2 19,4$ Trini Topes 58,85$ RJ WC 16,35$ Genios 81,25$ Esplendidos 96,8$ Siglo VI 82,9$ Siglo IV 49,25$ Piramides Extra 95,95$
  4. I am nearly every year in the Factory of Holguin. Since two years now they are in 100% Lockdown. So far I know, they produced between 10-15% of all Premium Cigars in Cuba. So this amount is missing. And that's just one Province factory I know.
  5. the box code only indicates where they were packed. not necessarily where they were made. Given the lack of personnel, it also makes sense not to have a sorter and packer in every provincial factory, but to centralize it.
  6. A very old sealed Box from the 80s found. 10x 5er Cardboard inside.

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