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  1. This was most likely the case. That area is crawling with zombies. I was there for the grand opening and was nearly attacked by a belligerent lunatic as soon as I stepped out to leave.
  2. By far my favorite PC right now. These are one of the most consistent and reliable smokes in my humidor. Always rich and flavorful, they never seem to disappoint. I haven't smoked any that were rolled before 2019, so I guess you could say I enjoy them young. I'm a slow smoker, so these take me about an hour or so to finish.
  3. MEG ABR 17 VR Unicos Rough looking cigar, but smoked like a dream.
  4. I haven't been impressed with the handful I've tried so far. At best they've been decent. Currently my least favorite in the short smoke category.
  5. I know I'm in the minority here, but D4 is a cigar that I "don't get". I've tried plenty over the years and have yet to find one that I liked. Not even a PSP '20 box is doing it for me right now. I would rank the D4 as my least favorite in the robusto category. Please don't hate me for this guys.
  6. Epi 2s have been a bit of a rollercoaster cigar for me. When I first got into CCs I heard nothing but good stuff about these so naturally I wanted to love them. But I was quickly turned off when the first few I tried were really crappy. A few years down the road I gave them another shot and felt they were boring/bland smokes. Fast forward to '19/'20/'21 and now I "get it". Not sure if I would attribute that to a tweak in the blend or just my taste evolving over the years. Not my favorite HDM nor my favorite robusto, but I definitely have been enjoying them lately.
  7. Lusis have been hit or miss for me. I had a bad experience with a '17 cab that was mostly plugged and unsmokable. But when they are on and not plugged they are easily one of my top 3 cigars. I prefer their flavor over HDM and I haven't had enough experience with the RAGs or Punch for a fair comparison. I also don't have the tenure to detect a change in their blend/flavor over the years. As far as smoking time goes, DCs take me at least 2 hours to conquer.
  8. HDM Rio Seco from a PSP MGL MAR 20 box. So good I ordered another box!
  9. SCDLH Prado / RAT FEB 20 Outstanding cigar! I was pleasantly suprised how good it was. Wish I had a lot more of these.
  10. I haven't tried any of these yet, but I was told by a very reliable Cuban source that this line is not very good due to the tobacco being sourced from outside the Vuelta Abajo region.
  11. The Mrs enjoys taking puffs out of just about anything I'm smoking (I only smoke CCs). When it comes to her smoking a whole cigar of her own she prefers shorter smokes. Her favorite right now is Romeo y Julieta Petit Royales. I believe she's smoking through her 3rd box of those. Mind you she's generous with her friends and sisters who come over and want to be "Cool" like her and smoke Cubans.
  12. Novedosos is the first one that comes to mind. Has anyone seen these, much less smoked one? Although I wouldn't consider Upmann Connie B as a phantom release, they have been quite elusive. I remember the considerable hype surrounding these when they first released. Nowadays they barely get any press and will cost you a pretty penny if you are lucky enough to find a box.
  13. Although I would love to see the return of Edmundo Dantes, I highly doubt this is the case here. The name Carmen is not consistent with the three previous ED releases (Conde 109, Conde 54, Conde Belicoso). Also, I remember hearing at the time of the Conde Belicoso release that this was the last of the ED series. Actually it doesnt make sense for Montecristo to be on this list either. I could be wrong, but I don't believe the big 6 global brands have ever had an official regional release.
  14. Just about every cigar store/lounge I've been to here in California sells CCs on the down-low. Heck, I've even walked into some shops that had 1 or 2 CC boxes for sale in clear view. No one cares, and honestly, if I owned a shop I would probably do the same without much fear of the consequences. But to answer your question, this may be a hard sell to the boss/owner especially if he isnt already on board with distributing CCs at his store. Also, as previously mentioned, this may not go over too well with some of your Cuban customers.
  15. I don't mind spending top dollar on cigars that I'm wowed by. Cohiba does not wow me so my money goes to other marcas.

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