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  1. New West Knife Works. Awesome knives and gorgeous as well. All I’ve used for years
  2. They can be recharged just as the others. Just takes a bit more time obviously. Good luck!
  3. Great. That’s why I always go barefoot. Small feet, small hands, small?.....
  4. Welcome aboard. Still new myself and look forward to checking in once or twice a day to see what's up. Great community!
  5. I’ve never travel overseas so it would be a special trip for my humidor..... 08 CoRo that I have been saving. First Cohiba I ever purchased. Padron 45th with about 8 years Sir Winston Trini funadore PLPC
  6. If anyone truly has excess inventory, message me. I have many lonely cigars sitting in too big of a house. They are so very sad. They need friends to fill their cedar lined box. They are sleeping single in a king bed
  7. Crunchy all the way. Peanut butter and Mayo on a crusty old hot dog bun. Stale crunch, peanut crunch, and the delicious marriage of PB and mayo.....Oh to be 8 again.......
  8. Early day cigar is my favorite. In the evening, I'm often a cocktail or two deep and may not fully appreciate. Both experiences have their place.
  9. 5 months later..doing well. Close to 3/4 full. Handful of boxes from our hosts, many 5ers and couple of Johnny O acquisitions.
  10. You have it good. I’m in Teton Valley Idaho on the west slope of the Tetons. Heavy snow and sustained 25+ winds three weekends in a row. Drift bustin up to my grill. And snow days from work with major highways closed!!
  11. I try to live off the grid anyway except professionally. I do most of my electronic life at work. I could live a happy life...My kids, another story
  12. Balmy here in western Wyo. Not unusual to have a week straight of minus 20 F though. Raised in the Midwest...hard time feeling bad for those I left behind. It’ll be over soon!
  13. My condolences....19 years...heck of a span
  14. Great. Thank you for putting this together. Now I have a reason to watch the game. No real rooting interest either way before!

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