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  1. Very smooth as expected for a 20+ year old wine. It was very nice but of course it would never live up to the cost and I got a great deal on it. I always wanted to try a well aged First Growth Bordeaux. Now I have, lol. Good stuff really!
  2. very good... surprisingly good! I've smoked a couple of these last year but this is the first one that impressed me, and they are certainly developing nicely.
  3. Yeah it was actually the 07... out of sheer curiosity I found the old invoice 😄. I just remember snagging it when the opportunity presented itself. Good stuff!
  4. Indeed it was. I've never had a bad vintage of Clos Des Papes. This was my last bottle. I also had a 2010 and either an 07 or an 09... I can't remember that earliest vintage but they were all phenomenal👌
  5. I would love to have a nice smoke today but the outside RH here in central GA is sitting a soggy 92% and I know it would be a subpar experience so I guess I will hold off😭

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